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Working with a Soul Coaching® Practitioner

can transform your life forever.


Your Soul Coaching® Practitioner invites you to step further and guides you to embark on a spiritual sojourn into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life. 


When you do this your energy increases and your entire life vibrates with life force energy and vitality.  In addition to being compassionate and wise human beings, these remarkable individuals are some of the finest coaches in the world.












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Featured Soul Coaching® Practitioners


Some coaches also work specifically with Past Life Coaching


Featured Soul Coaching® Practitioners

Alishia M. Alibhai


Patti Allen

Barbara Amrhein-Krug

Sherry Ataide

Robin Barros


Terry Bowen


Kimberly Carroll

Kelly Chamchuk


Laura Clark


Kerry Dalzotto

Felicia D'Haiti


Diana Farrell


Bernie Giggins


Theresa Gendron

Felicia Grant


Tracy Houchins



Char Jung



Anita Kuhn Carria



Tera Lane

Laurie Larson

Dahlia Mostafa



Marian Musgrove

Augusta Reiber Munir

Shannon Oehmke

CELestyna Osiak

Jennifer Parker



Sarah Paola

Anuradhika Roy

Moera Saule

Linda Stewart

Vicki Lundin Taylor



Tammy Telles

Kyla Tustin



Maree Thomas



Elza Vos



Blanka Vun Kannon

Gillian White


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FEATURED COACHES  alphabetically

Alishia M. Alibhai, Ph.D., Psychology, Soul Coaching® Trainer, Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, Past Life Coach
Divine Bliss Enterprise Corp.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Office Landline: 403-775-0576
E-mail: info@divinebliss.ca
Website: www.divinebliss.ca

Upon the completion of my Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 2009, I followed my heart and traveled that same year to California to train with Denise Linn to become a Soul Coaching® practitioner and Past Life Coach. I was very drawn to ways of connecting with our inner wisdom and working on a Soul level.

I opened my practice (Divine Bliss) in 2009, which was created out of a passion to help people enhance their health and well-being, discover their life purpose, clear mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical clutter, and achieve their desires through connecting with their inner wisdom. I have been so grateful to offer a range of workshops to clients, including the Soul Coaching® 28-Day Inner & Outer Clutter Clearing program, Vision Board workshops, Past Life Journey workshops, private coaching sessions, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Readings and so much more. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and also do a lot of work with essential oils, cord cutting, and pendulums.

In 2014, I trained again with Denise Linn to become an Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner and in 2016, I was blessed to receive personal training from Denise to become a Soul Coaching® Trainer. I am so honored to be carrying on the Soul Coaching® legacy and to be able to certify new Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

Blessings to you and I look forward to connecting!




Patti Allen, CSC, MA





Patti Allen, M.A. has a rich and varied background in the healing arts, education and public speaking. Certified as a Soul Coach® and Past Life Coach (trained by founder Denise Linn), Rubenfeld Synergist & Mentor, and Reiki Master, Patti runs a successful private practice with a focus on “growing your soul”. With the needs of her clients in mind, Patti integrates the deep work of Soul Coaching® with dream work, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® and the healing touch of Reiki to offer clients the tools to develop a grounded and balanced body, mind and spirit.

For ten years (1999-2008), Patti served on the teaching staff of Seneca College in Toronto in the field of Holistic Health. Patti developed and taught the only course on dreams offered by a college in the Greater Toronto Area. With a specialty in facilitating dream groups, she presents lectures and workshops on this subject.


Patti has appeared as a frequent guest on television and radio where she teaches the public to work with their dreams; most recently, in a 13-week television series called “In Dreams”, on W and currently on the Viva Network in Canada.


“I am pleased to be offering groups in Soul Coaching® as well as one-on-one Soul Coaching sessions, in person or by phone and email. Whether new to personal growth or a seasoned explorer, Soul Coaching provides you with a gentle yet powerful tool in your soul’s transformation. You can begin wherever you are at this moment! The Soul Coaching program is the most balanced and authentic tool that I’ve seen for growing your soul, while staying in touch with your body and emotions and continuing to live in the world! I would be honoured to guide you in this journey. Blessings, Patti”



Barbara Amrhein-Krug
Im Einklang leben
Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (HpG)
Schöllkrippen Deutschland

Ein Sprichwort aus Indien besagt, dass jeder von uns wie ein Haus mit vier Räumen ist – einem mentalen, emotionalen, physischen und einem spirituellen. Die vier Elemente Luft, Wasser, Feuer und Erde sind unterstützende Werkzeuge beim Betreten dieser inneren Räume.
Im Soul Coaching® Programm wird das alte Wissen der 4 Elemente genutzt, um verborgene oder sichtbare Unordnung zu bereinigen, sich mit der Kraft des Universums zu verbinden und so die innere Stimme der eigenen Seele wahrzunehmen.

Ich freue mich, wenn ich Sie durch dieses kraftvolle 28 Tage Programm führen darf. Das Programm ohne Bindung an einen Ort in einer online Gruppe zu erleben ist für viele, die sehr beschäftigt sind oder keinen Soul Coach® vor Ort haben, eine wunderbare Möglichkeit – natürlich auch per Telefon.

Danke Denise, dass ich 2003 Soul Coaching® bei Dir in Paso Robles erleben und erlernen konnte und dadurch die Wahrheit meiner Seele immer intensiver höre.



Sherrie Ataide, CSC, CPL, CDC
Life Design ~ Creating a Soulful Life
Chico, California
Are you connected to your passions?                     What is your life purpose?
Do you hear the whispers of your soul?                 Are you living a Joy filled life?

Our soul is always speaking to us. We might call it intuition, a still small voice or an inner knowing. However, many times in this busy and noisy world we don’t listen or can’t hear what our soul is saying to us. Come and learn to quiet your mind. Experience your soul guiding you to a richer more fulfilling life.

My desire is to support and guide those wishing to connect with themselves on a deep level and hear the whisperings of their soul. I would be honored to work with you.

My services include:
* Soul Coaching®, 28 Day or 28 Week Programs – Individual or Group:A self discovery course designed to clear away the inner clutter/chaos so that you can hear the whispers of our soul.
* Spiritual Life Coaching: Learn to live more joyfully by connecting to your inner wisdom.
* Dream Coaching, 4 Week or 12 Week Programs – Individual or Group: Learn to tap into the wisdom of your dreams.
* Past Life Work: Learn how a past life may be affecting your life today.
* Life Design Workshop: A 2-day innovative workshop where participants create a visual representation of their past, present, and future based on a series of thought provoking questions.

Our work together may include: Journaling, Soul Journeys (guided meditations), Past Life
Regressions, Clutter Clearing, Creative Expression through Art/Writing, and Dreaming!

Soul Coach®, Past Life Coach, Dream Coach - International Soul Coach® Institute, Paso Robles, CA. Trained, Coached/Mentored by Denise Linn
Spiritual Life Coach - Holistic Learning Center, Forked River, NJ



Robin Barros, IMTC, CSC, CPLC
Spirit of the Lotus
837 Boston Turnpike., Bolton
Office 860-645-9054 cell 860-402-9501
Website: www.spiritofthelotus.org

Robin is a Certified Past Life Coach and Certified Soul Coach trained personally by Denise Linn. She is also formally trained as a healer in Integrative Manual Therapy, is a medical intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and a Shaman practitioner, training with The Four Winds for Medical Shamanism.

Robin began as a patient and moved quickly forward to become a practitioner. She watched the family of her youth pass on to their next chapter having suffered from Cancer and Heart Disease. It is an amazing story of knowing nothing, being thrown into a mix of many modalities and finding a home, a new language and a passion for healing, herself and her family, friends, clients and anyone she speaks to who opt to listen. Her enthusiasm abounds.

She offers personal one on one sessions for Past Life Journeys, Soul Journeys and a combination of that with her other modalities. She is currently doing 28 day Group Sessions in groups limited to 10 or less and Online Options for distance learning beginning on the New Moon, called The New Moon Journey which includes the entire 28 day journey, added dimensions of the New Moon, private phone consults and Journey’s. The in person session includes a New Moon fire celebration at the end of the Journey, the perfect send off for your Quest. For more info, please call or email.



Terry Bowen


Terry took the long, expensive way into coaching. Having developed as an intuitive medium, people came to Terry to hear from their loved ones in Spirit, and to be told how to live their lives. This didn’t feel right, and what he asked what he could do, he was heard about coaching and searched for a company to train with. When he found one that he thought would be good, he signed up and then regretted it. The coaching method wasn’t right and wasn’t what he was looking for.

In 2006, Denise Linn joined Hay House Radio and Terry listened every week to her show ‘Soul Coaching®’ and loved her style and way of words. This was the coaching he was meant to do. It wasn’t until June 2008 that he took his first steps into becoming a coach, and hasn’t looked back. Having run groups online and in person, worked with individuals and helped people around the world, Terry knows the true power of Soul Coaching and what it can do for people.

As someone who always wants to teach what he learns, when you take training with Terry you will get the full package. He will guide you in how you can become the best coach you can be. Not only for yourself, but for your clients too. It’s his passion in helping people to live a life they love, that when you train with him, you will learn how to do the same.


Kimberly Carroll – Certified Soul Coach

In-Person (Toronto) Private Coaching and Group Programs and International Private Coaching (via phone or Skype) and Group Online/Tele-Programs. 



Spectacular Soul!


 My specialty is helping you to find your center, love your life, and ignite your world!  My approach is soulful, practical, and a little cheeky. ;) 

 I offer private coaching for men and women in Toronto and internationally via phone & Skype (http://www.kimberlycarroll.com/private-coaching). You can check out reviews of my work here: http://www.kimberlycarroll.com/praise.


As a Body/Mind/Spirit Coach, I have been featured in the Globe and Mail and as a regular on Newstalk 1010′s “The Buddha Lounge”, CMT’s “Dedicated”, and Flow 93.5; I’ve written for ANNA Magazine, VividLife, and Positive Fabulous Women; and I’m one of the authors of the award-winning anthology “Soul Whispers”. In my pre-coaching life, I was a television host and producer who showed up on networks from North America to Africa to Europe. I am also a passionate world citizen who is creating an army of soulful activists in this world.  


If you’re ready for a heartfelt, uber-fun and utterly transforming journey to create the life and world you love, please visit my website: www.kimberlycarroll.com.




Kelly Chamchuk, Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer

Phone: 604-944-8971 Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
E-mail: admin@kellychamchuk.com
Website: www.kellychamchuk.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KellyChamchuk.Page

Wherever you are on your path, Soul Coaching® can help accelerate your progress. Learn how to let go of the past, embrace the present and look forward to an incredible future designed with passion and purpose. It truly inspires me to see the beautiful transformations in people who embark on this journey of self-exploration.

My belief is we all hold our wisdom within, and sometimes we simply have to remove the clutter that is blocking our way to it. This clutter can present itself in non-serving thought and beliefs, emotional baggage, physical clutter and things like fear, that prevent us from living to our greatest potential. We all deserve to live life in balance and harmony.

Join me for my online programs held throughout the year, try a one-hour coaching session, explore an issue through a guided interactive meditation called Soul Journey or past Life Journey, have fun at a retreat or workshop, and consider becoming a Soul Coaching® Practitioner and begin to share this wonderful life altering program and services with others. Certification programs are held throughout the year in various locations.

As a nature lover, I enjoy working with the elements; this is where I best connect to my soul. Travel pushes me out of my comfort zone while photography, writing, cooking, entertaining with friends are my favorite grounding pastimes. My corporate background is in training and coaching and I enjoy sharing my personal life experiences as examples that there is always another way to look at life. I am blessed to have worked with Denise Linn as a mentor in her Hay House online programs and have met such beautiful people around the globe doing this heartfelt work.

My passion and expertise is in assisting you to create ‘sacred space’ in your life and home and I would be honored to guide you on your journey.

My additional certifications and experience includes; Reiki and Energy Healing, Past Life Coach, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui™ & Seven Stars Space Clearing, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™, Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming, and Oracle Card practitioner along with Advanced Psych-K®; offering a range of processes to explore your subconscious beliefs. Please visit my website for a full range of services or subscribe to my newsletter for special events and offers.





LuAnn Cibik, Soul Coaching Master Practitioner Certified Past Life Coach, Soul Coaching Trainer
Inner Harmony Feng Shui and More
Located near Pittsburgh PA, with distance coaching available to clients worldwide
'I'm honored to be one of Denise Linn's Certified Soul Coaching® Master Practitioners!  It's a joy to be able to work with people and see valuable changes in their life! With the use of this phenomenal program I can offer support and coaching as you release what's blocking your from having a beautiful and bliss-filled life!  I have been a Soul Coaching Practitioner since 2003, and have worked with hundreds of beautiful souls all over the world.
If you would like to work with me there are so many ways to discover your authentic self through this phenomenal program.  I provide one on one coaching, and conduct group experiences and also provide private and group coaching via  email and teleconferencing. I find each method is effective and provides it own energy for change and discovery.  Together we can find the method that will be just perfect for you!
I offer various 28 day programs, Questing experiences, Past life coaching, Soul Coaching Oracle card reading, and single session Soul Journeys. These can be done in person, on Skype or via the phone. I can also put together a private Soul Coaching weekend retreat package for yourself or a small group of friends here at my retreat center in Western PA on 30 acres of woodlands and meadows. As Gateway Dreaming® Practitioner and Coach, we can also delve into your dreams, where you can learn to program them for messages and healing in your sleep.
As a Master Educator of Interior Alignment® (the feng shui and space clearing system founded by Denise Linn), we honor the traditions of native cultures around the world.  I can offer your special assistance  in changing your environment to support your new way of life and outlook from your Soul Coaching experience. We can easily create ways that your home or office represents your inner life. This will allow the discoveries you make in Soul Coaching® to be better translated into your everyday life. I have even used powerful information from Past Life Journeys in these Interior Alignment® suggestions, to effect powerful results in clients lives. If you are interested in becoming a feng shui practitioner, I would love to be your teacher.
I look forward to hearing from you! Lets start your new life NOW!

Laura Clark, CSC

Soul~Wise Living



Aligning is not easy. It took me over 20 years to align myself ~ to breathe ~ with my deepest beliefs. It is within this journey that I’ve discovered a unique and authentic system to finding that for yourself, and, to do so with great ease My Journey began with re-aligning myself:

My story is not unfamiliar to many possibly to you. You probably have experienced parts of this yourself. For me, I was in my late 20′s trying to figure out ‘life’. I did not have the house. I did not have the white picket fence. I did not have the two car garage. Yet, in my mind, this is where I was supposed to be. Being ‘where I was supposed to be’ was taught to me by my parents, it was taught to me by my peers and it was taught to me by the messages that surrounded me. I was severely and clinically depressed.

My epiphany came in a dream after I had ‘given up’. So, my journey to joy and fulfillment began! I went back to school, made a career shift and went into holistic bodywork. I followed a path of energy healing for myself and sharing the lessons learned with many clients.

It has taken 20 years to be where I am. Logical? Yes. A path is just that and whatever time you spend upon it is the time you spend upon it. But, it did not need to take that long to find great joy, abundance and purpose. I learned much about holistic approaches to uplifting your energy. I studied and worked hard on belief patterns and how to break them. I worked on quieting the chatter of my harsh and self-critical inner voice. I now am living a life aligned with my inner most wisdom. I Love Love Love my work and do it from any location ~ my home, my office, on travel and even from my beloved family summer home. I am able to balance work with the things that bring me the most joy.


Kerry Dalzotto, SCP
Adelaide, Australia

Shop 12, 467 Fullarton Road, Highgate SA 5063
Contact: +61 (0) 417 810 837
Email: kerry@sacredwellness.net.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.sacredwellness.net.au
Website: www.sacredwellness.net.au


With over 12 years experience in the health and wellness industry and an extensive background in a wide range of healing modalities.  Kerry has a wealth of understanding of how to achieve optimal health for mind, body and spirit. Kerry is also an Elemental Space Clearing® graduate.

The knowledge and wisdom Kerry  has gathered over the years from both personal and professional growth together with extensive world travel and life experience allows Kerry to be of greater service to her clients in pursuing a life of joy and abundance. As a Soul Coaching® Practitioner Kerry helps individuals to discover their true authentic essence and access their powerful wisdom within.

Kerry is passionate about working with the elements of nature to bring about change and transformation on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). She creates the space in which people feel safe, enabling empowerment of the body, mind and soul to find the nourishment it so deserves in order to thrive and succeed in life.

Contact Kerry today and find out how she may assist you on awakening your magnificent inner potential through Soul Coaching®.


Felicia Messina D'Haiti, CSC, AIA/MWFS
Soul Transformations, LLC
Washington, DC Metro Area providing coaching globally online or by phone

Are you excited and eager to create balance and embrace positive healing energy in your mind, body and environment? It would be my honor to guide you in your sacred journey. My vision is to assist and empower you to transform your inner and outer environments to support positive transformation in your life. Discover how to unlock and break down barriers that may be preventing you from living a more joyful and balanced life – the life of your dreams.

Through Soul Transformations, LLC, I offer a range of programs and services uniquely designed to meet your individual needs. Some of these include Soul Coaching®, Past Life Journeys, Interior Alignment™ consultations (Feng Shui & Space Clearing), and Gateway Dream™ Coaching and classes as well as Usui Reiki treatments and training. Please contact me to create a package of services to best fit your desired journey. I provide both in person and long distance services, for individuals and groups.

In addition to being a Certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach, I am a Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, a Level 1 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and an Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™, the feng shui and space clearing system founded by Denise Linn. I am a former art teacher and museum educator who has worked with educators to excel in their teaching practice. I use the tools of the healing arts and my past experiences along with my intuition to assist others in creating balance in their lives.


Diana Farrell – CSC, CPLRC, ATP

Phone: + 27 72 895 1676
e-mail: coachdifarrell@gmail.com


My deepest wish is that through my work others would be able to search for and find their  sacred inner-selves so they can live uninhibited and joyful lives.  I love to encourage clients to take the path of self discovery, to find their real selves.


I take pleasure in creating sacred and safe space for my clients during the time we are together.  My clients are assured of confidentiality at all times and are welcome to share only as much as they prefer.  Using coaching methods I learned from Denise I have helped my clients find harmony and peace for themselves, and they continue to transform their lives in positive ways.  


Let some of clients tell you what the program meant for them:


"Soul Coaching® is a beautiful gift to offer yourself, a journey for the Soul."  LL - South Africa


"The last day of the program was perfect closure, it was such a powerful feeling.  I felt in complete harmony with myself and the world.,  Amazing!" MCF - Peru



Your beliefs create your reality!

Create the reality you want!


For example - if you have the belief that money doesn't grow on trees and that stunts your financial abundance, together we can shift that belief to one that will support you to attract the abundance you deserve!   I am also an Angel Practitioner  (Doreen Virtue certified) and can offer card readings for you.  As well as Africa I have worked in Central and South America as a coach with clients as far flung as Columbia and Peru!   Now based in Johannesburg, South Africa I can still coach anywhere in the world using the wonderful facility of Skype!   Contact me for 28 day Soul Coaching® Programs, Past Life Regressions, Soul Journeys, Psych-K, and Angel card readings.   Call me - I'd love to hear from you! 


Theresa M Gendron, MSN (Master in Science - Nursing Education with a Community Health Focus)
SC®T (Soul Coaching® Trainer), Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner (SC®MP)
Certified Past Life Regressions, Certified Gateway Dreaming™, Elemental Space Clearing
Certified Feng Shui Consultant – New England School of Feng Shui

Tel 203-710-6453

Email soulcoaching4all@gmail.com


Theresa Gendron has a passion to help you connect with your Authentic Self. As you clear the clutter in your internal and external reality; you will have the ability to connect with, and to experience a harmonic and prosperous life.

No matter what your learning style is, Soul Coaching® Programs provide opportunities for introspection and self exploration. These strategies provide you with amazing insights, as you connect with your Authentic Self.
Societal and familiar norms may hinder an individuals’ ability to connect with their passions and creative talents. Releasing limiting beliefs, and welcoming healthy intension into your life, has mystical and powerful benefits. Where intensions go-Energy flows!

Clutter Clearing programs, 28 day Soul Coaching Programs, and Unlocking the Secrets of Your Body are a few of the programs that provide opportunities for self exploration.
Soul Journeys, Time Line - Past and Future Life Exploration, and Oracle Card Readings provide opportunities for personal clarification.

Energetic shifting of energy may be accomplished by essential oil blends, feather or bell clearings and more.

Your Soul Loves the Truth Connecting with your Authentic Self


Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins
Mob: 0413584579
Web: http://www.innerchildharmonycoaching.com.au/
Email: bernie@innerchildharmonycoaching.com.au

“He / She who angers you controls you!” Elizabeth Kenny.  


Coaching you to safely express your Soul Truth, gain your Spiritual Justice and live a fulfilled life, no matter what age.

YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE and if that old negative belief is buried deep in your subconscious from the past, childhood, or even a past life, then it is on automatic overdrive for this belief to magnetically come true for you to keep experiencing until cleared.

I am an Advanced Soul & Past Life Coaching Practitioner, Inner Child Whisperer, Visionary Intuitive Practitioner,  Journey Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer  and Reiki Master, with many other talents in my Soul Coaching® repertoire to assist you.

Have you been betrayed, abused, abandoned or rejected in the past and still repeating? Are you always looking for approval, acceptance, purpose, healing for health, inner peace or love, never finding it or able to hold onto it, continually striving for more without knowing why?

Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins has a wealth of metaphysical knowledge, life experience and professional development. She is able to connect on a Soul level with her clients, and uses many ancient techniques to provide freedom from emotional, physical, spiritual & mental trauma through her personal and group sessions. Bernie coaches you to reconnect and express your Soul truth and gain your Spiritual Justice at the completion of your sessions. Clearing on a Soul & Cellular level is the most powerful clearing possible. To live life fully, without regrets before your deathbed, is priceless!

She is known as the ‘wounded inner child whisperer’ and her natural talents have helped clear many traumatized souls, differing ages, of their past subconscious programming and back into conscious living in the present moment with amazing results. She prides herself in being able to help others to access where the wounded child resides within the body, giving the child and adult, a voice for soul & cellular transformational change to take place. 

Coming from her own personal heartache and a traumatic childhood of bullying and sexual abuse she personally understands on a soul level how to energetically clear the subconscious programming, patterns and health problems.  She will assist you to re-connect to your missing fun, laughter, abundance, lost dreams, inner peace and freedom to begin again and would be honoured to be your Inner Coach.

I offer personal & skype sessions, distant healings, workshops, check out my website – www.innergeticpscoaching.com.au


Felicia Grant – Certified Soul Coach®

DragonflyExperience   -  Self Discovery/Empowerment/Activation

Wilmington, NC


Sessions offered internationally, on-line, by telephone or SKYPE




Welcome to The DragonflyExperience! Spread your wings and fly.....

Hello I am Felicia Grant and I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of Certified Soul Coaches! Working with Denise Linn has opened and enriched my life beyond my wildest expectations. Denise has taught me to look at life with a different lens; being a Certified Soul Coach® has opened many doors of infinite possibilities.

It has been my life long dream to create a safe space for women to discover their creative potential and a life filled with passion and joy. I am able to achieve this thru my Soul & Past Life Regression Coaching® along with my major passion, planning and facilitating WOMEN’S RETREATS! My training for this has come through my own life’s experiences and feeling of oneness and connection to others, the universe and mother earth. I have made many spiritual journeys to Sedona Arizona and have trained in such activities as Reiki, Breath work, Spirit Activation, and worked with a Native American Medicine Man Uqalla. My most recent training has been in the area of Mediumship/Clairvoyant with Lisa Williams, John Holland and James Van Praagh. I realized my spiritual training has been an ever unfolding since I was a small child. Seeing and feeling things that others did not recognize as “normal” are now becoming normal practice and conversation as we evolve on this planet to higher levels of consciousness. I use the tools of the healing arts and my past experiences along with my intuition to assist others in creating balance in their lives.

Is there something “GREATER” in life you are searching for......you just can’t put your finger on it? Soul Coaching® just might change your life! ARE YOU READY?
Connect with your soul and invite your creativity in.

Call me for a Free Consultation to see if are a good fit to work together! I am also available for workshops, presentations, and private retreat facilitator.


Tracy M. Houchins, Certified Soul Coach
Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio
Marriottsville, Maryland

My name is Tracy Houchins and I am a Certified Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, ICRT Certified & Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Owner of Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio in Marriottsville, MD. As a little girl, I would look into the mirror and ask the question “Who AM I?”. At a very young age I had an understanding of the truth of who I really am; a deep knowing that there is much more to me than the person looking back in the mirror. My journey through abuse and addiction over many years masked my truth and I could no longer see the beauty within or the greatness of who I am. Gratefully I found my way into recovery in 1999 and ultimately my practice in Reiki & Soul Coaching® which led me on a spiritual journey of deep healing and self-discovery, reconnecting me with my personal truth and the unlimited potential that lies within me.

As a Certified Soul Coach, I assist my clients and students through a process of clearing the issues of the past and present, re-defining their view of who they are, making way for the beauty and fullness of their personal truth. The Soul Coaching® 28-Day Program will take you on a journey of self-discovery by aligning your outside world with your soul’s deepest desires and I’ll be traveling this journey with you every step of the way. If you’ve been asking yourself the question “Who AM I?”, your soul is most likely calling to be awakened to the re-discovery of all that you are and why you’re really here. It is my deepest joy and honor to travel this journey with you.

May the light of your soul illuminate your path!



Anita Kuhn Carria, Certified Soul Coaching® Practiitioner, Certified Past Life Coach®, I.E.T, CACR, M.A.
Sacred Soul Inspiration
Gettysburg, PA -
(717) 420-5294
Website: sacredsoulinspiration.com 
E-mail: anita@sacredsoulinspiration.com

Connecting you to the wisdom of your Soul and the realization of your Divinity.

Time seems to be moving faster; the days escape us. We may have forgotten who we are as we tread to the surface of life after being immersed in roles of partners, parents, children, employees, members of clubs and churches as well as many others, conforming our Minds to do the expected while leaving the Heart and Soul tucked away, hidden, and out of sight. Perhaps we long for something unknown to our conscious mind, yet strongly urging our Hearts to take an action and that action is not clear to us.

While succeeding in our daily lives, we may feel lost, crazy or a gripping fear may creep in consuming our thoughts. It may be that psychic tendencies suddenly spill out of nowhere.

As a Soul Coach® who profoundly healed and changed through the 28 Day Program, I can attest to the rewarding results of this enlightening and empowering program. After suffering the darkest days and months, I existed in the world while questioning my existence and the existence of a Higher Being. Soul Coaching® brought me from my reverie and opened the gates of my Being to courage, knowing, loving unconditionally, peace, understanding and fortitude. I stepped into my new world with wonder and grace. I discovered a Universe within me that is as grand our Universe beyond us.

In my will and desire to Serve the Plan, I would be honored to assist you as your Soul Coach®. I am humble and grateful be trained by Denise Linn as a Certified Soul Coach®, Past Life Coach® and an Oracle Card Reader. In addition to these certifications, I am claircognizant and have been Knowing since I was two years old. I am grateful for being a vessel of Divine Energy Healing; this gift of service has been present most of my life.

Other Certifications, Services and experience include: Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Lightarian AngelLink Facilitator, Lightarian Empowerment Ray Facilitator, Certified Fairyologist offering Fairy Readings, Certified Realm Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader offering intuitive Angel Readings, Future Life Readings and Lives Between Lives, Mentoring and Spiritual Guidance. As a Reiki Master I am an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.


Char Jung

Gateway to Possibilities



Jamestown, North Dakota

email me at: char@charjung.com


Are you feeling that there is more to this life then what you are doing?  Do you feel someone or something nudging you?....guiding you to listen, feel and or sense to a presence you cannot see, but you definitely know that someone is there with you....I felt that nudge too.  Now I feel it every day and every day it becomes stronger.  


That nudge is a combination of your Soul and your Spirit Team guiding you to your life purpose.  The more you tune in and connect with your Soul, the easier it is to hear, feel, sense and know your Guidance.  Life seems to open up and give you more space.  More space to breathe.  More space to feel the love that pours down on and in you from Above.


Having been at the lowest energy in all areas, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, possible I worked/cleaned/cleared my way through many layers of old emotions, old stories, old hurts, old beliefs and old patterns that clogged and blocked my connection to my Soul and Spirit Team.   I now hear and feel the Guidance from above to help others.  And to do what my heart desires!   The Spirit Team that travels with me guided me to open up a crystal store!


As a Certified Soul Coach®, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki and Drum Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Tuning Fork Practitioner and Dowser it is my passion to help people live the life their heart desires!  Each session is as unique as the person.  By using an array of modalities, crystals and techniques and listening to the Spirit Team that travels with me, I'm able to open doorways for people so that they may live the life they dream of!!  Sessions are via Skype or in person at our wonderful crystal and metaphysical store located in the Heartland of the Midwest in Jamestown, North Dakota.  (my Spirit Team also guides me to pick out the perfect crystal for people. Winking smile)



Tera Lane, Certified Soul Coach



Introducing Tera Lane, as a Certified Soul Coach since 2003. Her passion for Metaphysics, Spiritual growth, and the Esoteric Sciences has supported her intuitive talents. She has also been successful in balancing her spiritual interest with her worldly talents. Her background in television, as a weather Personality and TV Hostess, Sales Manager of radio stations in Palm Springs supports her ability to have one foot in the corporate world and one foot in the spiritual world. She is also a licensed Real Estate agent and has a degree in psychology from San Diego State.

She is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui, is certified in Essential Feng Shui, along with a certification from the American School of Feng Shui in Monterey Park. She is also a professional Sidereal Astrologer, Tarot reader and author of the book Enchantment in the Sky.

She possess a natural talent for balancing environments, utilizing the power of color and placement. Her gift for assisting others in their Soul’s journey on this planet, is amazing, as she incorporates all her talents into one.

Tera quotes: “Soul Coaching, for me has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made on my own journey and I honor the opportunities I have had in assisting others on this magnificent path”.


Laurie Larson, Certified Soul Coach & Certified Past Life Coach

Pathways of Awareness




I believe that we all have an inner knowing.  Sometimes, though, we can all use assistance in getting a clearer reading so that our lives better align with who we are at our core.  Soul Coaching® is like focusing the lens on a camera so that the picture becomes clearer or cleaning up the files on your computer so that it runs better or wiping away the steam off the bathroom mirror so that you can see yourself. It's often those little actions that we take, like taking 3 breaths when you're feeling stressed, that make the difference.

As your Certified Soul Coach®, I will assist you in connecting with your essence.  For some folks it may be just a minor tune up, for others, it may involve more of the layers being peeled.  The core of Soul Coaching® is the 28 Day Program.  Each week focuses on a different aspect:  our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit, and our physical being. 

I offer the 28 Day Program online and in person, typically in a group setting.  One of my favorite Soul Coaching® programs is Soul Coaching Collage®.  Images are a powerful tool in creating our dreams into reality.


I invite you to check out my website.  One size definitely doesn't fit all and I would be honored to walk the path of discovery with you.

Laurie Larson




Julie Ann Moylan

www.everydayascension.com (previously CoachingByJulie.com )






Julie Ann Moylan is certified in Soul Coaching (CSC 2004)® and Space Clearing (CPSC 2002)® by internationally acclaimed healer, lecturer and author Denise Linn. She is also an Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP 2006)®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Julie has been studying spiritual development with local, national and international spiritual leaders for over 25 years.

Ms. Moylan focuses on serving others through healing and spiritual channeling.  Her compassion for others and motivation to create ease in living, and relief from struggle of any kind comes through in her coaching and intuitive reading work.   She finds women entrepreneurs, executives and political leaders, parents, professional intuitives and friends of all of the above drawn to her work consistently.

Her Soul Coaching practice and intuitive work is about being present today, overcoming anything that presents itself as challenging, and helping you live a life that makes you happy. She believes in miracles.

Ms. Moylan has a traditional academic and professional background, and a unique collection of very nontraditional skills driven by generosity of spirit and a will to heal.  She lives in Minnesota and pretends it is Hawaii.

You can visit her website at www.everydayascension.com , or write to her at Moylan.julieann@gmail.com.



Augusta Rieber Munir, SC, SCOCR
Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Istanbul, Turkey


I was born in Germany and studied music - and movement education, with piano as my solo instrument. Worked, studied and performed in Paris, London, and the Mediterranean island Cyprus. Since 1991 I am based in Istanbul, my two adult children are currently studying in London. Living abroad and in an international community always felt exciting and exotic.

My spiritual and personal development training lead me to Denise Linn and Soul Coaching®. I had found my treasure. A new feeling of real joy and deep healing on many levels occurred over years in my life through Denise's teachings - for which I am immensely grateful.

As a Soul Coach® I feel blessed to create and hold safe, sacred space. I am passionate about both 28-Day online courses, SC® Oracle Card reading sessions and Past-Life Regressions. The creative aspects of the SC® Vision Board- and Miracle Box workshops make these effective manifestation tools into enjoyable, memorable sessions with a clear focus on the desired outcome. From this work I created two workshops, i.e. 'My Future Self Starts Here and Now', and 'Power Word Frequencies', all combined with guided meditations and soul journeys.

I am always delighted to observe in my Soul Coaching® community the healing shifts and life force which the energetic field of the Soul Coaching® processes hold. I love witnessing how they change and improve people's lives.
My intention is to support you on the path of your personal growth and hold the space for your shift so that you re-connect to your innate joy-of-living - no matter what else is occurring - and become your true authentic Self.
My blessings are with you.





Marian Musgrove, Soul Coaching ® Master Practitioner, Past Life Coach, CMT, RN


I have been in the medical field for more than 27 years, a massage therapist for 17 years, a single mother, a grandmother and now a Soul Coach®

I have worked, just like everyone else to make ends meet, provide for my children, be there for my family, walk my dogs, be present for friends, family, patients, and clients in need of a safe space to talk, to be loved and accepted.

But something was missing for me. I was taking care of everyone else, but me.

And that is where Soul Coaching ® comes in.

I remember a friend suggesting I listen to Denise Linn (founder of Soul Coaching ®) on Hay House radio. My friend's words to me were, "I think you will really like her."

I did, and Denise and Soul Coaching ® resonated, and vibrated within me, for me. So much so, I became a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner.

Helping people to tap into their inner guidance, hear their soul's messages and taking action to manifest their dreams is my calling now.


Shannon Oehmke Master Soul Coaching Practitioner / Trainer, Advanced Past Life Coach


I’ve been called an “old soul” all my life. I’m very intuitive and sensitive. This sensitivity makes me very good at helping other people. I use Soul Coaching ®, Reiki and messages from Spirit to personalize every session to meet your goals; and, to create positive transformations within your mind, body, and soul.
As a compassionate and gifted healer, I provide each client with personal guidance in a sacred and supportive space in which to transform your life.

I offer practical techniques and enlightened ideas to help you on your personal life journey. Allow me to guide you to a life that is fulfilling - a life that has purpose - a life that allows you to feel real joy and real inner peace. If you are reading this, you are probably looking to change your life. It is my life’s passion and purpose to help others - so let me help you.

I can use any combination of Soul Coaching ® sessions, Reiki sessions, Past Life regressions, Soul Journeys, 28-day Soul Coaching Program ®, teaching you Reiki, and other techniques to help you transform and reach your true happiness.

I know first-hand how it feels to suffer from a chronic illness. I used to have fibromyalgia. I completely healed myself using Past Life Regression and Reiki. I was also involved in a terrible car accident, as a passenger in a multiple rollover, where I hit my head more than 100 times, resulting in a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The doctors told me that many of my injuries were permanent in nature. They also stated that I would need to learn to cope with my new disabilities. I used my many skills to help relieve pain and to heal my body. I never doubted that I would fully heal! I continue to use my personal experiences to help others reach the same success that I have found.

I appreciate your interest in me and the work that I do. I am a genuine person, naturally shy, but I have found that sharing my experiences gives hope to others who are struggling with their own health and true happiness. I never set out to have a “healing business”. I was strongly guided to this work and I feel that I have been allowed to have Divine guidance work through me.

May you be guided to the right practitioner (be it Healer, Coach, Reiki Master, etc.) for your personal healing and happiness!

Love and Light, Shannon

If you have questions or would like to talk about your needs as a potential client, please contact me via phone, text at 269.873.3903 or email at Waterwoodhealing@aol.com . Check out my web site at www.waterwoodhealing.com . Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner, Past life Coach, Reiki Master (Usui/Holy Fire II and Holy Fire II Karuna ® Reiki), Intuitive, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, and  Master Soul Coaching Practitioner and Trainer.


Celestyna Osiak, Soul Coaching Master Practitioner/Trainer, Past Life Coach
Phone: 509389100



Trained at the International Institute of Soul Coaching® in California Jen is certified as a Soul Coach, Past Life Coach and Oracle Card Reader. Jen was trained and mentored by internationally renowned healer, author and teacher, Denise Linn. Jen was one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise chose to personally train in her specialised methods of coaching.

Jen is also trained and practiced in energetic therapy and intuitive channelling. She believes everyone has the ability to connect into a higher wisdom of knowing and guidance.

It is an honour and a privilege for Jen to help others uncover their own inner wisdom, power and truth. She believes that Soul Coaching® gives you permission to really live your life. It helps break down those internals walls and rules that are set up through fear or self protection and it allows you to live your best life. When you are living your truth you attract an abundance of joy and happiness.



Sarah Paola
Symbols of Your Life

In addition to being an Intuitive Psychic/Medium and a certified Intuitive Healer — Sarah is also an Instructor, Speaker, certified Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer and educated in conducting Past Life Regressions.

“For me, it’s about helping clients heal mind, heart and soul as well as providing them with the tools to know that they too can see, hear or feel their higher guidance as well as their loved ones who have crossed over. Healing the body is part of the tool box as is answering client’s questions about what’s happening now or coming up in the near future with their family, career, love life, financial matters and more.” Sarah Paola

Realizing that everyone has the ability to receive and understand the daily Symbols and images their Guides/Angels send them, Sarah has spent 5 years developing a dictionary of Symbol definitions as well as a program to teach everyone how to easily connect with their Guides/Angels. The basic Symbol definitions assist you in understanding the gentle guidance sent to you daily by your higher power to direct you to your best possible future.

Sarah has studied under many different teachers, received numerous certifications, and worked for 12+ years to learn many techniques and types of healing to give her clients what they need to break through their fears/anger and blocks, assist in their spiritual growth, move their lives forward in a positive direction, and gain a better perspective on the day to day events that occur.

To learn more about Sarah’s complete list of services visit her website at www.SymbolsOfYourLife.com .



Mind. Body. Soul.
+1 847 347 4640

Anuradhika was trained in Reiki in 1990 and began working with both people and animals in an integrative way for holistic well-being. Reiki turned out to be just the first step. In 2008, after getting certified in Soul Coaching®, she found her true calling: helping individuals clear away obstacles and disempowering patterns in
their lives; guiding others in their pursuit for self-empowerment, personal growth and inner healing; and offering tools to confidently live richer, more fulfilled lives from one’s own inner place of truth. She finds great joy in sharing her passion for fun, interactive approaches to living in a state of confident connectedness,
empowerment, well-being and harmony.

She is a certified Soul Coach®, Past Life Regression coach, Soul Oracle Card® Reader, Soul Collage® facilitator, and Shamanic Healer. Additionally, she is also certified in Power Animal Retrieval, Creative Visualization, and personalized meditations.
Anuradhika’s mentors and teachers include Denise Linn; the late Seena Frost; Carla Meeske; Michael Harner; and Diane Jarmalow.


Coach en Carrières Internationales / International Careers Coach
Coach de Leadership par le développement spirituel / Leadership Coach through spiritual development
Soul Coaching® SC55 - Adv6

Superviseur référencé ICF/ ICF Mentor Coach
Certifiée PCC / PCC Certified
T: +33 (0)6-64-03-20-09

@: moera.saule@shapeyourownworld.com

I am a Professional Coach, Trainer for Coaches and Mentor Coach living in Southern France, in the “Pink City” of Toulouse. I have trained professional coaches in France, Quebec, and online all around the globe (in both French and English) since 2012.


As a Coach and Soul Coach, I work with people finding themselves in international careers and also in the field of Leadership development through spiritual growth. My clients are Senior Managers, Executives, Professional Coaches and young entrepreneurs, and I LOVE to work with each of these profiles! In fact I LOVE diversity! I assist my clients to gain an awareness and a balance between their professional fulfillment and who they deeply want to become in this life.


I previously was a Philosophy Teacher and Careers Adviser in London (UK) and then in Beijing (China). As a researcher I specialized in comparative philosophy between German Idealism and Indian Buddhism. I strongly believe I was already and unconsciously preparing myself to become a soul coach at that time. I think that each one of us is guided. I just allowed myself to listen to the messages who would allow me to eventually find my inner path. Life is beautiful, and universe is Extremely good and wise to each of us if we listen to it. We’re all guided. We just need to carefully pay attention to the messages that are here for us all along. I am here, as a Soul Coach, to assist people to hear the messages that are here only and especially waiting for them.


Professional Background:

  • ABD in Comparative Philosophy

  • Erickson College International Professional Coach (ECPC)

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Certified Soul Coach (CSC-55)

  • Advanced Soul Coach (Adv6)



Linda J. Stewart, CSC, CPIA

Inspired Living

St. Louis, Missouri





I am a spiritual midwife—providing the nurturing and encouragement you may need as you give birth to your authentic self and discover the wisdom and longings of your soul.   My unique approach helps cultivate and support your essence and realize your goals and dreams.


I have a degree in Psychology and in addition to Soul Coaching® have studied many healing traditions and practices including Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Reiki, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Touch For Health and Evolutionary Astrology which I incorporate in my work with you.  As a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment, I can assist you in creating soul-nurturing environments.  As your Soul Coach, I listen with my heart as well as my ears, creating a sacred space for you to explore the majesty and power that dwells within you.


If you are interested in the 28-day Soul Coaching® program, I am honored to assist you individually through sessions in person, over the phone, or online.  If you prefer a group atmosphere, I offer group Soul Coaching programs onsite or online. I also provide personal coaching sessions that specifically fit your schedule and individual needs—including soul journeys, guided meditations, and past life journeys.


I am looking forward to our time together.



Vicki Lundin Taylor

Vicki Lundin-Taylor, PhD

Personal/Professional Transformative Coach – ACC, MBA

A Synchronistic Approach!







Welcome to getting In Sync With Self,

Are you living on purpose? Are your everyday choices in your personal and/or professional life in alignment with your Soul? Are you becoming more and more who you want to be?

When I met Denise Linn and experienced her Soul Coaching Program®, I was inspired to further explore who I wanted to be.  My journey took me into the depth of doctorate research and practical applications in Transpersonal and Transformative Coaching approaches, the Heroine’s Journey, and a Leadership model for living your potential.


My credentials reflect holistic and synchronistic perspectives.    

·        Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology

·        Credentialed in Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Transformative Coaching 

·        Masters in Business Administration and in Transpersonal Psychology

·        Certificates in Generating Transformation in individuals and groups, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Medical Qigong, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Soul Coaching®

I fully embrace “living on purpose” and empowering women to imagine and create a Soulful life.

A customized program that fits your goals and desires is the cornerstone of our relationship. I welcome an email or phone call to get to know each other.

·        Individual Transformative Coaching                  

·        Individual and Group Soul Coaching®

·        Heroine Journey Circles

I guide you in a structured program specifically designed to align your inner self with your life’s aspirations.  This process is a powerful model for transforming the change you’re looking for and creating the results you desire. 




Tammy Telles, SCP

California USA


Hi, I’m Tammy Telles, and I would like to share some of my life experiences with you, and why I am so excited to become your Soul Coaching® Practitioner.

I am blessed to come from a small, loving, supportive family that provided me with a strong foundation to build on as I became an adult. I quickly realized that my future relationships would be very different, and might not include the same unconditional love and support I received from my family.

After a few relationships, some ending well, some not so well, I am proud of my 11 year marriage. Every year has not been perfect, but each year, we continue to grow closer and our relationship has grown even better since I’ve become involved with Soul Coaching.

Professionally I have always worked in managerial positions in professional offices. Work has always allowed me to provide for myself and family and meet some wonderful people along the way. But, work has always been something I needed to do, not something I wanted to do. This has also changed greatly since being introduced to Soul Coaching.

My Aunt introduced me to Soul Coaching about a year and a half ago. At the time, I had no idea that about a year later, I would become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner. Since embracing Soul Coaching, I am not just living life, I am enjoying every minute of my life. Don’t get me wrong, my life was good, it is now even better. I have cleared the physical and emotional clutter from my life. I have learned to put fear aside, and challenge myself to listen more to my soul and heart, which has given me a new passion for life. I am looking at life through a new brighter lens. I live a more authentic life, which makes me happier, gives me a better attitude and allows me to look at what I once thought were huge obstacles, as small speed bumps. I am more creative and motivated than ever before. I am more outgoing and meeting so many wonderful new friends.

I am so excited about my future and the new paths I am following, and I am equally excited to help you discover your life path. I want to be your guide in discovering a path in life that brings you the greatest joy.


Maree Thomas
Through her compassionate nature, support and advice, Maree has assisted thousands of people to enhance all areas of their lives, including personal relationships, Spiritual path, Health, Family, Fun, Career and other crucial aspects.
Maree started her own business at 19 and bought her first property at 21.  She was recognised as a dynamic, high-energy investment consultant and licensed real estate professional. She operated her own real estate, property development and financial planning companies, whilst assisting her clients to achieve their goals through her advice and practical help.
Maree knows what works and will assist you to achieve your dreams.  Her journey has been guided by the input of numerous spiritual masters and she also has a wealth of practical experience to draw from.
Maree’s qualifications include a Diploma of Meditation, she is a certified practitioner in Soul Coaching, Healing and Feng Shui.
Detailed information about Maree and her services is available on her Website www.mareethomas.com
“Meeting Denise Linn 16 years ago was a turning point for me on my spiritual quest. Denise opened up a whole new dimension in my life, and showed me just how powerful the energy of love and light can be. Her support and guidance has helped me profoundly in the way I carry out my work and my life and for that I am eternally grateful”



Kyla Tustin

Soul Coach & Energy Healer

Your Power Centre

2/44 West Street, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Phone us: +61 (0) 419 222 592

Email us: kyla@yourpowercentre.com

Find us: www.yourpowercentre.com.au

Like us: www.facebook.com/YourPowerCentre

Do you feel lost, anxious or stressed?  Are you seeking more love, confidence, purpose or peace in your life?

At Your Power Centre we support you to ignite Your Life with Your Heart and Your Soul while having fun ..... so you are free to truly live life again filled with joy, confidence and love.


In your Soul Coaching session you will be guided to connect with your inner wisdom, power and true self. Working at a deep level to release negative emotions, patterns and fears which may be preventing you from truly LIVING YOUR LIFE as we awaken you to your greatest potential .... YOU.

Kyla intuitively integrates practical Life Coaching and Soul Coaching®  tools, with energy and crystal healing so you can achieve more out of every session and in every area of your life. You’re fun, interactive and personalised session will be tailored to meet your needs and goals to create positive transformation within your mind, body and soul.

As a compassionate and gifted healer, Kyla provides you with the opportunity to self- heal and transform your life within a sacred and supportive space. Kyla is passionate about Soul Coaching®, energetic healing, following her heart and supporting you to awaken to your confident self. She integrates over a decade of corporate and holistic healing experience, with tools and techniques from world renowned teachers, including Denise Linn, to offer you practical and enlightening support and techniques for your personal development journey.

Kyla has worked with clients internationally and runs her successful practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, located in Balgowlah (nearly Manly) and Lotus Health, Neutral Bay; she also provides distance healings via Skype, email and telephone. Call Kyla today to ignite your life with passion, purpose and inspiration 0419 222 592 to book your one-on-one consultation or to simply discuss any healing queries you might have.

"I could not have desired such an incredible outcome for myself as what the 28 days of soul coaching has given me. Not only has it fine tuned my focus, clarity and the direction I was missing but it highlighted for me desires and intentions that I had long forgotten were important to me and all under the amazing guidance of Kyla and her beautiful soul." Marina, Sales Consultant, Northern Beaches


Elza Vos  CSC, CPLC, 

Who am I and why am I here?

Have you ever wondered that too?

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I knew that each of us has his or her own talent. I could not find mine because I was only looking for my talent in the world of visible talents. As a young woman I had the feeling that I would never find my talent and therefore never would know my purpose in this world.

Meanwhile, I became a wife and mother and moved to Belgium but the feeling of not knowing remained.
After moving to North Sweden with my family in 2008, I decided to focus on finding my answer to this question.

Through meditation and attending various courses such as HDM I till HDM IV, Magnetize and
Aura & Chakra healing, I was getting closer to my answer.

After I did the 28 days Soul Coaching program by Denise Linn, I knew that this is what I want to tell people, anyone can find his authentic self.

In spring 2013, I completed the course: Soul Coaching and Past Life Coaching by Denise Linn, to become a Soul Coach.

I am so grateful that I have been able to do this course to become Soul Coach. It is a great honor that I can and may help you to listen to your soul, what it wants to tell you, so that you can find your answer to your questions.

In the middle of the forests of Sweden surrounded by peace and quiet, I give 4 day's retreats (5 nights) to help you listen to the message of your soul. By alternating meditations, soul journey and past life journey's with indoor and outdoor activities, you will be able to hear the message of your soul.



Blanka Vun Kannon
Life Purpose | Happiness | Success
Montclair, New Jersey, USA: in person and long-distance coaching
Praha, Česká republika: osobní konzultace i koučink na dálku

I truly believe that to be happy, we have to first accept who we are and align our life accordingly. It is impossible to be happy when we are having internal struggles or not liking ourselves.
Soul Coaching® is a very unique program. It can create powerful results in short amounts of time. I witnessed amazing self-realizations happening in just a fraction of time compared to what it would take in more traditional methods.
I am using a combination of soul journeys and self-inquiries. My coaching style makes hearing the messages of your soul simple and very effective. It doesn’t need to take long to create results and start enjoying wonderful changes in your life.
It is a true honor for me to coach another person. I bring the best of myself and all my life experience and learning. With me, you embark on a journey into your soul, a profound way of connecting with your true self and hearing your inner wisdom.
As a Certified Soul Coach® and Certified Happiness & Success Coach, I support others in creating happy and successful life.
It would be a joy to work with you!

Abychom byli šťastní, musíme nejdříve přijmout sami sebe, to, jací jsme a následně příslušným způsobem změnit náš život. Pokud jsme plní vnitřních konfliktů nebo sami sebe nemáme rádi, tak nebudeme nikdy šťastní.
Je mi velkou ctí, že jsem mohla studovat Soul Coaching® s Denise Linn a že jsem – doposud jako jediná v Čechách a na Slovensku - získala tuto jedinečnou schopnost pomáhat druhým slyšet hlas své duše a napojit se na svou vnitřní moudrost.
Soul Coaching® je velmi unikátní program – běhém krátké doby je možné dosáhnout neuvěřitelných výsledků.
Pokud máte zájem se dozvědet více, navštivte prosím mé webové stránky. V České republice jsem několikrát ročně. Nabízím také konzultace po telefonu či Skypu.
Těším se na Vás!



Gillian White

Healing Homes and Souls


Calgary, Alberta


Certified Soul Coach, Past Life Coach & Oracle Card Reader, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner®

I have a love affair with energy and hope that when you begin this journey you too will fall in love.  Many years ago, I discovered how easy it was to influence my life by simply implementing a few changes within myself and my home.  My life became easier and more abundant; my relationships deepened and my home became a true sanctuary. To this day I am filled with a state of acceptance, love and joy in all that life has to offer.  My life's purpose is to share what I have learned and know that has worked for myself, my husband, my three children and the world around me. I look forward to helping you bring sacredness and love to yourself, your life and your home.
Many Blessings,




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