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Soul Coaching®  Trainer TOOLS 2018


We know that you remember your Soul Coaching training with fondness, excitement and the life changing impact it had for you.

Now it's time to hold YOUR fabulous
Soul Coaching® Certification Course.





If you are a NEW TRAINER:

You will need to be an Active trainer level of membership. This gets your listing on the website, and gives you the ability to submit your classes to be posted on the website and social media as well. Active Trainer level is $100 per year ( in addition to your Featured membershipship level) and is renewable based on the date paid.


To register your first course for approval:

If this is going to be your first course, you will need to send us your class lesson plan, your refund and registration policies, your waivers you are using and proof of insurance. (see samples on the right)


You may email all this  to 

The class plan is simply a day by day outline of the lecture and activities you have planned for each day of the course in order to cover the material and also give your students the Soul Coaching Experience. If you are offering this in a different number of days or format, we will need a new class file on file.


You will also want to have your course refund policy, cancellation policies and any other waivers created, so that these are available for your prospective students upon registration.

To submit your course, please use the following online form. Please use the description to share what makes your training different that other (such as special amenities of the location or a added bonus you are including as a part of the course).

Once approved we will post the class on our social media page on Facebook and on the website. (the only reason a class would not be approved is if it does not meet our formats or tuition parameter)


We will be using your photo from your Soul Coaching Trainer listing also with this class.

As students register:

As students register you will want them to sign the SC License agreement prior to beginning training, just so that they understand that this is a requirement to becoming certified.


Also, be aware of the new recruitment of asking potential students about their mental health status. If you decide to take on a student who is currently under care for mental health issues it is your responsibility as the Trainer to connect with their physician to get their approval.




Sample Lesson Plan (please submit your customized plan)


Sample Refund/Cancellation  policy


Sample Waivers


2018 Student registration form


Link to license agreement for your students


Please Submit your Soul Coaching Certification Class for review and to be posted on the website and social media!



Order your Student Kits.

This needs to be done 6 weeks prior to the start date of your course to assure on time arrival. As we are not always in the office, this makes sure we have the time to get your order packed and mailed.

If you need to order them after the 6 week mark, we may have to charge additional shipping fees in order to assure arrival. We have no control over shipments to other countries and the time taken in customs.


Number of Student Kits

Upon Graduation:


When you class has completed their requirements for training, send the list of the students, names, email address and class graduation date to LuAnn at


She will verify that a license agreement has been completed for each of your grads, and then send them ( and you) a welcome letter with their class number and other information about joining our community.


Congratulations on a Job Well Done!





Click here to view the Trainer level license agreement





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