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For Soul Coaching Practitioners Only

The following information is for Denise Linn Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioners


Facebook Group coordinator: Gillian White

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

I am overjoyed to welcome you to the Soul Coaching® Family! Congratulations!

It would bring me much joy to add you to our very exclusive and awesome Facebook Group/Family! "Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioners"

It is a sacred space for connecting, sharing and keeping in touch. This group is a CLOSED group for the Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioners. In this safe space we will be able to share, plan, brainstorm and of course support one another.

Click on this link  and it will take you to our group, ask to 'JOIN' and I will add you in! Just like that! If you are not able to find it, please send me a note via


 OR email:

Much love and friendship,

Gillian White
Calgary, Alberta
SC42, ADV6, MP1


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