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Becoming an Licensed Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Congratulations on becoming a Soul Coaching® Practitioner.


To begin to receive all the benefits of being an licensed  practitioner you need to indicate your agreement to the Soul Coaching® Practitioner License.


Click here to view Soul Coaching® Practitioner License


For new Soul Coaching Students:

Once you have registered for your training as a  Practitioner, the next step is completing the license agreement using the online form below. 


When you have successfully completed the course, your teacher will send the graduation list to the Wisdom Council , and you will then receive your invitation to join the yahoo e-group and the private Facebook group for Soul Coaching Practitioners.


The information you place on this form below will also be used to list you as a graduate of the Soul Coaching program.


For Existing Soul Coaching Practitioners or Past Life Coaches:


If there is any information on your current membership/licenses agreement that you wish to update, you make also complete the form below again, so that we can update our database and records.




By completing the form below you acknowledge you have read and agree to the license agreement for Soul Coaching® in order to be represented on our website:


Soul Coaching Practitioner
Advanced Soul Coaching Practitioner
Past Life Coach
SC Oracle Card Master Reader
Master Soul Coaching Practitioner
Soul Coaching Trainer

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Many Blessings to you for the light you shine in the world!


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