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Your Featured Coach listing!


Calling in your Clients to you!      Goodies for Practitioners


Congratulations!  You are taking the next BIG step in marketing yourself as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner to a worldwide audience!


Your Featured Coach listing gives you a presence on the SOUL COACHING PRACTITIONER page,  listed in alphabetical order. And, there are other goodies that are a real bonus for those looking to market themselves as a Soul Coaching Practitioner!




If you also speak one of the languages that we have special web pages for, your bio will be listed again on that page.  (Just let me know which pages to place you on)


If you hold a Past Life Certification or Advanced Past Life Certification, you can be listed on that page as well, all for the same low price.


How do I start?


There are several ways you can submit your information.

You can either send this all via email to


Use this Link



First Step: Create your 300 word bio ( this may be the hardest part of the whole process!)  For ideas on what you might want to say, visit the Coaches page. If you speak more than one language, and we have a section for your language on the site, please feel free have submit in both languages. 


Second Step: Find a picture of yourself!  The pictures should be in gif or jpg or png format, and 100 pixels wide, by 125 tall (or something close to that). If you have no idea how to do that, just send me what you have, and I can crop and adjust it!


Third Step: Email me you bio, all your contact information to be placed on the internet, what pages you wish to be on (coaches, past lives, special language) and your picture to



Final Step


Payment option 1:


For you convenience you can use the Paypal button below to send your payment of $150 for two years.

Or you can mail a check in $150 USD to

LuAnn Cibik

825 Lovers Leap Rd

Leechburg PA 15656


  Two Year commitment for $150 one time payment!

Payment option 2:


Or choose to have an AUTOMATIC payment through Paypal of only $8 a month for your Featured Practitioner listing






  Sample Listing:


Laurie Larson, Certified Soul Coach & Certified Past Life Coach
Pathways Soul Coaching
Washington, DC Metro Area

I believe that we all have an inner knowing.  Sometimes though we can all use assistance in getting a clearer reading so that our lives better align with who we are at our core.  Soul Coaching® is like focusing the lens on a camera so that the picture becomes clearer or cleaning up the files on your computer so that it runs better or wiping away the steam off the bathroom mirror so that you can see yourself. It's often those little actions that we take, like taking 3 breaths when you're feeling stressed, that make the difference.


As your Soul Coaching® Practitioner, I will assist you in connecting with your essence.  For some folks it may be just a minor tune up for others, it may involve more of the layers being peeled.  The core of Soul Coaching® is the 28 Day Program.  Each week focuses on a different aspect:  our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit and our physical being. 


I offer the 28 Day Program online and in person, typically in a group setting.  One of my favorite Soul Coaching® programs is Collaging for the Soul.  Images are a powerful tool in creating our dreams into reality.


I offer a variety of other programs that are focused on you gaining clarity about your life's purpose. I invite you to check out my website, drop me an email or give me a call.  One size definitely doesn't fit all and I would be honored to walk the path of discovery with you.

Laurie Larson


GOODIES for Featured Practitioners!



Have your Soul Coaching group programs or workshops listed on the SC public website.

Use this link to submit your program ( allow a business day for it to be added. it's a manual process!!)







Articles should be about 300-500 words in length. We have almost 2000 subscribers!


Deadline for monthly publication is the 15th!


Please check the Soul Coaching Practitioner private Facebook Page for upcoming newsletter themes, although we welcome submission of articles and photos that support any aspects of Soul Coaching® at any time.


Send you submissions to



Facebook Fan Page


We have a Fan Page on Facebook with a great following.


Featured coaches can benefit even more by being LIKED by our page.


Please contact us at with a link to your business fan page  to have your business page connected to our fan page!


We will also share your Facebook page on Featured Coach Friday at different times during your membership.



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