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Trade Marking Information

Soul Coaching® is a registered trademark.

This allows each authorized Soul Coaching® Practitioner the ability to be recognized for their certification in this process, and also means that others who have not been certified cannot use this mark.

In order to protect our trademark, it is essential that each Soul Coaching® Practitioner use the ®  symbol in conjunction with the words Soul Coaching®. This should occur on your website, your brochures or any other media that you use the words Soul Coaching® .

Please, please, please please remember:

1. Soul Coaching® ALWAYS needs an ® after it.  i.e. : Soul Coaching®


2.  Do not add anything in front of the Soul Coaching®  (We can lose our trademark if you do this.) For example,  Radiant Soul Coaching® is not permitted


3. You can say Soul Coaching® with (your name here) or Soul Coaching® with ( your company). However, if this is used in a social media page ( like Facebook) then, EVERYTHING you post there needs to pertain to Soul Coaching. If you do other things, like reiki or astrology or feng shui even though these are awesome, they are not representative of Soul Coaching. It's much better to just use Soul Coaching® Practitioner as your certification, and Soul Coaching® as a service that you provide, and not a part of your business name in marketing.

4.The term 'Soul Coach' is NOT trademarked.  I've seen some Soul Coaching® sites where the Soul Coaching®  doesn't have the designation and Soul Coach does. Anyone can use the term Soul Coach. What sets us apart is the term Soul Coaching® Practitioner. If you see someone using that designation or offering Soul Coaching® and you don't think they are certified, please contact us as

5. The ® needs to be placed directly after the words Soul Coaching® (no spaces or other words)

I know these seem like small things, but in the trade marking world they are big. We do not want to lose our trademark status, hypothetically someone else could trademark the term and none of us could use it.



The above logos are the approved logos for Soul Coaching Practitioners  to use.

You can download this logo by clicking on it and copying it to your hard drive..


Please do not use the logo with the words International Institute for Soul Coaching around the logo.


That logo is only for use by Denise Linn, the Soul Coaching Trainers  in marketing official

Soul Coaching® certification courses




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