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The Business of Soul Coaching Overview

Our Soul Coaching family has many members with amazing gifts and talents. Some have had previous coaching experience, many had been entrepreneurs and knew the ropes, some are great healers, but are clueless about business, and many have had fruitful careers in many fields, but had never had to be responsible for their own business knowledge.

The information here has been gathered from our e-group.  It is a wonderful collection of great information and will help all of us and future groups to grow and learn from each other. You are welcome to continue to add information and it will be incorporated into the larger work or become a part of the second edition.

The files will remain in the SC archives for your future reference. (If you have questions regarding accessing these files, please post that question on the e-group and we will help you with that - please include your phone number with that post, as this is often easier to explain 'in-person'.)

Denise has only been certifying Soul Coaches since 2003. There are now over 2000 Soul Coaches in the world!

 We all had a life changing experience!

We are in 100% agreement on that. Many of you are still discovering who you are from those changes, both within yourself, family, friends, community and professional positions. For some these challenges have been quite over-whelming, all have been positive and life enhancing.

One piece that is important to emphasize: if you are feeling over-whelmed with the marketing and business aspects of the business of Soul Coaching - you are not alone. Most of the respondees have had little or no business/marketing experience. Don't worry, lots of help is on its way - and many suggestions for additional resources. 

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Our Yahoo e-group are to provide connection between the coached within a class and to all the other coaches that have been certified to date! 
Computer capabilities  What an amazing group we are. Some of us work on a computer as second nature, some of us have a challenge turning it on and I would venture a guess many Soul Coaches don't even have a computer!  I would like to see a compromise established that can serve us all so we can grow our businesses and prosper. That is our goal in supporting each other.  A series of 'me to' e-mails, with a dial-up connection, that can be a long process, and memory  reminds me that my computer and phone connection just liked to suddenly stop talking -  which meant - well, I'm sure we all know that routine. 
for details on the Yahoo E-group click here

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Soul-Stice! And more great niche ideas!


I recently facilitated a Summer Solstice celebration in order to introduce Soul Coaching.  I’ve been trying to get Soul Coaching groups together over the past year, but I could never get either enough people to make a group or the timing was off. So…I did what Denise suggested in one of her email’s , keep reinventing the way you do business.  I got outside the box and thought about what might be more “doable” for people.  I’ve been creating one time Soul Coaching events to give participants a taste of Soul Coaching.  In January I hosted a Soul Collage workshop for 2010, I am planning a Miracle Box Workshop and will share the format of my most recent workshop with you to give you some ideas for your business.


The format I used went like this;


Open with intros, what drew person to workshop and then some general information about what Solstice is and Soul Coaching.


Each person pulled a Soul Coaching Card


I facilitated a Soul Journey; letting go of what is not serving them in their life (at the ocean) and allowing in what their soul needs – brief sharing of this process


I created a worksheet for them to write down their Zappers and Juicers – using an aspect of SC


Then I had them pick a partner to share their card, journey and worksheet. The other person was to listen and reflect what they heard as a theme


Lastly we did what I called a Power Quick Collage – 15 minutes of pulling pictures in magazines to create a vision of their theme to carry them through the rest of the year


And one memorable piece – when I noticed the sun was going down, I had everyone go out outside and breathe in the energy of the sun and breathe it into their hopes and dreams, offering support and and little extra zip.


I just created a Facebook Page for my business where I will combine psychology and Soul Coaching; sharing resources and that could include you!  I’d love to have you join me on Facebook - Coaching for your Soul

I will also be documenting my journey through Denise’s new book about the body on my FB page and on my website.  Another way to give just a flavor of SC. 

I also created a monthly newsletter through iContact to keep my message flowing. You can sign up for it on my website


Next in line will probably be an online group w/conference calls.  I’ll keep you posted.


Soul-fully Yours,


Susan Cadley, SC 27


PS - Just wanted to share a few more ideas I came up with to get Soul Coaching going…



I’ve created “Celebrating Your Soul Saturday’s” where I’ll create an art/experiential aspect of Soul Coaching.  This will give attendees a taste of Soul Coaching SC.



Consider creating a Soul Coaching group for a specific niche.  I am creating a group just for care givers and this includes anyone in the care giving profession or those taking care of a loved one.  The focus will be on renewal and nourishment.  The possibilities are endless with niches; SC for busy Mom’s, men, vitality (Unlock Secret Messages of the Body), teens, empty nesters…



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The Business of Soul Coaching Marketing Questions



Decide to Network

 Decide to network.

Use every letter you write,

Every conversation you have,

Every meeting you attend,

To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams.

Affirm to others the vision of the world you want.

Network through thought. Network through action.

Network through love.

Network through spirit.

You are the center of the network.

You are the center of the world.

You are a free, immensely powerful source of life and goodness.

Affirm it. Spread it. Radiate it.

Think day and night about it.

And you will see a miracle happen:

The greatness of your own life.

Not a world of big powers, media and monopolies,

But of five and a half billion individuals.

Networking is a new freedom,

The new democracy,

A new form of happiness.

-Robert Muller

Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

 We have a great collection of recommendations. We can all look forward to getting over and beyond the marketing hurdle. Be prepared for a great informational adventure!!!

 Many of you comment so beautifully that you "know I was meant to be a Soul Coach" - the goal is to learn from each other and get our business and marketing skills honed to help us all grow.

Our goal is to grow an amazing village of Soul Coaches - setting out with our lights shining throughout the world. If you grow so do each of us. Let all get together and Network - 24/7.  Working together we grow in love and community.


1)   What have you found is the best way to gather clients?


a)      Let your light shine through the work you do.


b)      Business cards that clearly identify who you are. For coaching it has been considered helpful, when planning to work in person, to have a great, friendly photo of yourself on your card.


c)      The more you talk about your business the more articulate you will become in communicating who you are and what you provide in the best possible light.


d)      Advertising in journals. Newspapers do not work from the respondees research.


e)      Finding local radio station to be interviewed on is a great resource.


f)        Workshops are a great way to generate initial interest.


g)      Advertising in local New Age type magazine.


h)      Flyers/brochures in local health food stores, restaurants, yoga centers, any holistic centers.


i)        Word of mouth kept repeating your story over and over again.


j)        Friends. Previous business contacts.


k)      Establishing a mailing list - adding anyone you can (with their permission).


l)        Talk to churches (Unity), hair stylist, chiropractors and other holistic practitioners to share contacts. Then send out a mailing that requests permission to add the name to your permanent list.


m)    Always carry business cards and have them VERY handy. Be able to produce a supply of brochures on the spot if requested.


n)      Since I have an existing brochure, I developed an insert to include in it. This has worked nicely. In the future, when I establish a larger financial base, I will develop a SC brochure and include an insert for my other services.


2)   Do you find the Soul Coaching website helpful? At what level?


a)      I refer people to it for Denise's credibility and it adds to mine.


b)      I love the site, but wonder how many hits it gets.


c)      I have gotten several private distance coaching clients - perhaps it is my great picture, I often wonder….


d)      I think it will definitely become more and more successful as a resource.


e)      I find it an excellent resource for keeping up with current and future training schedule and other timely information.


f)        Energetically I feel more established being on a global site.



3)   Do you have a personal website? Is that helpful?


a)      Yes, and this has been my greatest resource for clients. It is linked to the SC website, which I believe helps.


b)      I find it helpful in more expansively describing myself and my services. All of my print material directs people to me website for additional information.


c)      Yes. I have had one for quite awhile and adding the page has provided increased visibility.


4)   Do you find speaking at your church helpful? If so, how have you done this - to what group or to the entire congregation?


a)      Although I don't speak at my local church - I speak anywhere else that will provide me a forum. This can be challenging in the beginning - Toastmasters might be a suggestion to overcome any of these issues - but as you go along it gets much easier.


b)      I am working toward doing this a local dance and meditation communities.


c)      Offered presentations during non-service hours and paid a fee, but advertised to entire congregation.


d)      I network informally with my friends and acquaintances at church. These contacts have helped me with all of my businesses enormously over the years.  I also attend activities at my church - which provides even more opportunities.



5) What other networking resources would you recommend?


a)      BNI, LeTips, Tips, etc.  Local business referral organization where a group of  business peers who gather breakfast, lunch, after work, etc to share information and 'advertise' their business through a (generally) one minute advertisement about your business. Most of these include the opportunity to gather information regarding through networking communications and business card and/or brochure exchange. Most also allow only one business type to be included per group. 


b)      Network with ladies groups, talks, functions and just let your soul shine through the work you do.  Like holding a flame to it.  It is all about the energy…gearing in all you have to making it work, step by step. There is a time curve, listen to self and you will hear what that time curve is.


c)      Network to everyone and everywhere - even standing on-line at the grocery store. You just have to be comfortable describing what you do in language that they can relate to.


d)      Business Woman's Associations and Better Business Associations are great networking resources.  These are also places to advertise in the newspaper if available or write an article for the publication.


e)      Target the demographic for this service - in the respondees city it is educated, fairly comfortable women and some men, usually feminist. So she makes up resource lists of that group and what they read, do, where they take classes and what. Also single parents and people who love personal growth but are extremely private and don't want to be in a group - but are ready to be a private client.


f)        Looking through the phone book business pages for potential resources for putting out business materials.


g)      Write to publications, magazines - locally and nationally with article proposals.


h)      Write press releases about yourself and your services and send them to local publications. (coordinators note - this is a great idea but be prepared to be solicited for advertising.)



5)   Have you had Tables/booths at Expos? Have they proven successful?


a)      Expos have been a help for generating business. However they can be a large time commitment. It is helpful if you have something to sell or give-away with your contact information on it there seems to be a greater response. A give-away basket is a great way to generate a mailing list from the names entered for the drawing - just make sure you actively follow-up.


b)      I have found them successful for 'spreading the word', but generally financially draining.  If you want to have a booth - see if you can also be a speaker. This fives you more visibility and seems to provide some kind of validation.


c)      When collecting contact information - I suggest e-mail addresses. Paper mail can become very expensive.


d)      If you can find a coop situation with a booth at an expo, it really cuts the costs and makes it more attractive. Just make sure the booth attendants understand clearly what you do. And spend as much time as you can personing the booth.


e)      One respondee noted that she had not heard many encouraging reports from doing this.


f)        And another respondee notes that she feels that with careful choosing of the right Expos it will allow finding target people who are willing to take a brochure and ask about Soul Coaching.


 7) USA Government Small Business Resources


a)      One respondee noted that she was working with SCORE. (coordinator note: That prompted me to get the contact information for this an similar organizations. Unfortunately, I can only report on the resources in the US.)


b) - Small Business Development Center, National Information Clearing house for business training and information. I understand that they regularly provide a workshop in 'Business Start-Up' and business and finance basics.


c)  - America's Small Business Development Center Network


d)  - Retired industry experts work with you to provide advice in all areas of entrepreneur expertise.


e) - United States Small Business Administration. I know resources vary from one office to the next. It has been suggested that if you are in an area where there is more than one office - check them all out until you locate the resource that is right for you.


8) Other Comments and Suggestions


a)      Remember keep your advertising material from becoming intimidating.

b)      One respondee suggested television ads and putting flyers on people's doorsteps (coordinators note: if you do the later, make sure this is permitted in the neighborhood you are distributing to.) 


c)      If you are a writer, writing articles for local publications is great free publicity.


d)      Several people responded that they are not planning to do Soul Coaching as such but have found that they have incorporated it into their existing work with great success. And likewise many have found their community to be closed minded, which returns to NETWORKING, EDUCATING, PROMOTING THE TOPIC.




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 Keep Denise's mantra always in your heart:

"The universe always brings the perfect students at the right time."

 Every time you give a business card or you have the opportunity to speak, no matter how briefly about what you do, it generates an energy connection.  Nurture all these connections in a positive manner and intention that energy to continue flowing.

 Clearly identify who you are and what your services are going to be. You need to be clear on that, so your clients 'get the picture'.

 Word of mouth seems to be the best referral method.

 "I see life as a dance - I need a guide to kick start me."

"I plan to move forward with this path, I'll work till I find the key!"


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Words of love and wisdom:

 One of our fellow Soul Coaches has given us permission to include this quote on our marketing brochures (please see that you include the credit to Sue J. Thank you Sue, and continued growth and happiness from all of us.

 "Soul Coaching has really helped me clutter clear my entire life - outer and inner, and I am happier now than I ever have been in my life."

- Sue J., Connecticut


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The Business of Soul Coaching Client Relations Questions Answered

Differentiating between coaching and therapy/counseling that you can use in your coaching business

The ICF says that therapy/counseling deals with the past and lives advice. Coaching works with the present and moves one forward. Coaching also deals with well people. I wouldn't use those words with your clients as you do not want to offend them, but if they do have major issues as a coach the ICF recommends that you responsibly refer them to a therapist/counselor."

                       Excerpts from International Coaching Federation definitions

Coaching is very action orientated. I work with the here, now and assume your past is your past, and what you are wanting is a better today and successful tomorrow. You have all the answers. I do not give advice, but will help you draw out the solutions that you are seeking that will open the doors of your dreams."

               Suggested statement regarding the practice of Coaching from ICF


1)      Have you developed a great Intake Form that you would be willing to share?


a)      Cecilia, has given us her Intake/Inventory, Coaching Agreement and Client Profile. She notes that they are "A MUST for all coaches." (coordinator note: They will be sent by separate file do to size.) They are for your use and to adapt to your needs. You do not need to credit Cecilia as she has shared them with her compliments and you are free to adapt them to your specific needs. They are taken from information she gathered from her ICF affiliation. Cecilia Schukar, CPC, SC-9, Seattle, WA


b)      Denise Linn, SC-All has created a list of potential questions for Client Intake, (coordinator note: they will be including them in the second e-mail.)


d)      Several people responded that they are working on this.


e)      "Coming from my therapy training background, I like to gather information on their background. Much less information is gathered for Soul Coaching than lets say when I am working with Hypnotherapy or NLP Counseling. The kind of questions I would ask are basic: name, address etc, along with some info on their parents, I would ask them: 'How would you describe your parent's characters?' 'Did you parents get on together?' 'Did they get on as parents?' Their Siblings - as in 'How many are there?' 'What order they come in?' 'Do they connect/get on with their siblings?' I find those questions can act as a way of your looking at their map of life, offering great insight. I always keep in check that it is not therapy, so do not plan to go searching the reasons why they might not get on with a sibling, unless I believed it to be a major block."


2)      Do you have a Client Contract you would be willing to share?


a)      See second e-mail for Cecilia Schukar's sample contract. "A MUST for all coaches."


b)      "It is important not only for you and your business, but also for your client that you do have one. Plus it will protect you from any liabilities, it they occur.


c)      "No contract, but what a great idea!"


d)      Several people responded that they are working Contracts.


e)      "I don't use a contract as I feel Soul Coaching is about freedom and the main commitment is each client making it with themselves. I do talk about agreement and how I will be willing to be of full support over the 28-day program, and ask if they feel they can make the same commitment to themselves."


3)      What do you do when a client drops the 'responsibility ball'? How do you hold them accountable?


a)      "I absolutely stand behind my contract and services 100%. Most contracts run for 12 weeks as it is known that it takes approximately 12 weeks for change to occur. If I feel by week 7 they are not progressing with their goals, I will discuss with them the possibility that we may not be a good match. I do have to follow a code of [ICF] ethics. I will definitely refund any balance that is due to them. Plus I have an excellent referral system, in place, of other coaches that may be a better match."


b)      "I view it as everything happens for a reason, and if they did not follow through on something, it there a greater meaning behind this, and we discuss it. Sometimes they are just not ready to 'go there', and I don't force it for them."


c)      "This will be addressed in the client contract. It's important that they are not afraid they will be punished for not completing something and start to avoid the coach. I have seen friends do this with one another. Ask 'what did you get done of the agreement, how do you feel about what you did, and what did not get done and what do you want to do before we meet again.' Also talk to them about realistic goals they can feel good about achieving."


d)      "I have had one group that met every week for four months. This was a group of friends. Beyond these friends, I have not met a person who was willing to complete the program in 28 days. I have had several individuals who I gave the first day free and they never came back."


e)      "[I have a] refund policy - ie, up to the first day you can quit with refund, after that [there will be no refund]."


f)        "One of my clients didn't flow daily with her 28 days and found herself missing certain days. To turn that around during our meeting I asked her if she was willing to go over one of them with me during our meeting. That we did, and when we looked at how good it would be for her to work with the one's that she missed - as that could be where her block is. On working through it, she understood herself so clearly as to why she created the blocks. She was happy to go over them, and finished the rest in how it worked best for her. I guess it was important for me to allow her freedom, then to explore that it was okay however she flowed with it. She was committed to her journey and through being open I allowed her to clearly show me those areas where she was stuck-or did not want to go."


g)      "I feel it is all part of their SC process and just try to explain this to them and gently encourage them to pick themselves up and keep going even if it is only 5 minutes a day. I remind that magical forces are at work once they sign up whether they do the daily assignments or not. So far this always works and most of my students have completed the course and had amazing results."


4)      How do you structure payment? Do you find credit cards helpful?


a)      "I charge $245.00 for my online SC. That includes a 15-minute/week phone consult and a 1/2 hour final phone wrap-up."


b)      "I don't do anything for FREE anymore, in fact, I have a new policy about doing trades with people and unless they as an individual can add value with their services and everything is spelled out in black and white with hourly costs and products cost etc. I don't do trades. There is something about the energy of money and the way everyone puts value on it. I charge a flat fee right now of $75.00 an hour and that cost is going up….[to] $125.00 an hour [to be in line with my personal spiritual coach].


c)      "My fee for an in-person group is $495.00 per person and the e-Course is $299.00. I guess somewhere in-between that and what the market bears for your particular area would be a good place to start.


d)      "[I currently accept] cash and personal check, but am researching credit card in the future. Some coaches use PayPal.


e)      "[I was also given the suggestion of] as a wonderful way of accepting CC's at a lower lever.


f)        "I request $150 for the Intake which lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour in length. Then $300 a month to be paid by the first of the month. The intake session is longer as that is where I discuss the evaluation form that I sent them ahead of time and my other coaching terms and tools. "


g)      "Yes, I find credit card acceptance EXTREMELY helpful, especially when working with people at a distance. I'm also trying our PayPal this year, if it works well, may switch over to that to avoid the credit card fee issues. PayPal takes a percentage as well, but they take it right at the time and you know what amounts you are working with.


h)      "For group programs, I require payment at the start of the program, so that I can buy all the class supplies I need for all activities. I have never had anyone drop out, but in the event they would I would want to have all my supplies covered.


i)        "For the online class, optionally I would like it all paid before the start, but that is rare. People decide on this at the last minute usually, and I'm generally collecting payment throughout the session, which feels awkward, as I would rather not be dealing with money during a person's process. And yes, a couple of times, I haven't been paid.


j)        "For one-on-one in-person sessions, I have them pay by the session.


k)      "For one-on-one distance, I set-up number of phone/e-mail appointments at the beginning and have them pay me via credit card or check before we begin. I have also taken payment plans from people."


l)        "I will not work with anyone for free. My fee is $75.00 per hour. I feel this is necessary for Chi flow.  Even at this hourly rate, the program takes a lot of time and the price seems more than reasonable. However, if there is a strong willingness and I can verify that the money is a serious issue, I will slide to $50.00"


m)    "…no PayPal, as it is direct access into and out of your bank account. I am asking for cash/check ahead of time. (This is not uncommon in the healing community here.)"


n)      "$50.00 deposit. (I have not had anyone cancel for refund) and remaining balance due first night. I allow checks, but if you're uncertain ask for a money order or cashiers check. Banks can hold personal checks up to 14 days. If you want to cash client's check immediately, go to their bank."


o)      "I have been blessed with cash when working with clients. I would accept checks."


p)      "I charge $245. for the online program and $395 for live workshops, which I run in my own home - these are five weekly series of 2 1/2 hour classes. This includes materials of: the book, journals and some other goodies, plus weekly art projects. The final class is a guided 'Quest in Nature!' I also offer a 25% discount on my …Feng Shui and Space Clearing consults to all my SC clients.  I do not take credit cards. I don't think I have enough business at this point for this to be feasible for me."


5)      How do you handle and structure initial contact? (bonus question)


a)      "I do offer a free 30 minute phone consultation - they call me. First most people e-mail me through my website. One or two e-mails. In my first e-mail back to them I always mention that if they would like to follow-up, I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation. If they are interested they will respond back and at that point I give them my phone number. I do not have an 800 number as most coaches don't. I am following guidelines set by my training through ICF and people will call me. Many times, we just talk;  my goal is to have them sign up at that point."


b)      "I don't do anything for free (other than some group speaking engagements), but I do 1-2 hour appointments for a set hourly rate - with a soul journey in there as a part of the process. That way they get a 'taste' of the program and some genuine help…."



6.) What other business practices are helpful?

When working with clients in separate one-on-one sessions, you just need to keep files on each person and a good organized calendar. Take notes on your session, so that you can remind yourself before their next session on what steps of the program they completed, and their 'ah-ha' moments.

Remember to focus, clear yourself , and ground before seeing or talking to any client. Creating sacred space in your office is essential.


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The Business of Soul Coaching  Client/Class Questions Answered


1)      How many have you found to be the ideal class size?


a)      For an introductory class, I would take 20 or less. But when I start taking my first group through the 28 Day program, I would like to have just 10 in the group.


b)      It seems my groups are anywhere from 3 - 6  people. Ant that is working well for me.


c)      I find I get great results working with 8-10 clients in person. This is a spiritual experience and you need to have people who are able to be open and feel safe with each other. One group I worked with met for two hours a week for 16 weeks, this was the pace that worked best for them. 


d)      I'm looking at 10 to 15.


e)      I advertise limited space for 6 people.


f)        I have had one online group of 4 and then one private online client. Both worked well, but they were time consuming for me with daily e-mails. Now that I have saved files and sample daily letters to work from, I think it will cut down my work time considerably in the future for online classes.  For live workshops I plan to keep them to a max of 6 people.


2)      Is it easier to work one-on-one?


a)      The range of activities you can have a group do is broader (it is hard to get up and dance your emotions with just one person!!!)


b)      I don't intend to work this way.


c)      I would like to do small groups, but seem to be attracting one-on-one. I do find that these clients receive more attention, which the clients have really liked.


d)      Hmmm…yes and no. I really enjoyed the weekly phone coaching chats I did with my private student, yet I feel she would have benefited from the power of a group's energy to propel her even further.


3)  Have you worked via e-mail? Would you recommend this? What are the pitfalls?


a)      I love this method, but you have to have a client who uses e-mail and is not afraid of e-mail. And you HAVE to be a daily e-mailer yourself. You can stay in daily communication without a huge time commitment or strict schedule. But you can be there for them when they need you, rather than on the next phone call. The pitfalls are when you are in the program and someone's computer breaks (have had this happen), major power outages that shorts all the electricity out of their house (have had this happen), then you have to switch to phone, which if you have not budgeted for this, it can be expensive. But you know you are really helping them through 'stuff' when all the fire elements are acting up! I sometimes joke that people need to check their house insurance before they start this program, as it is just that powerful!


b)      E-mail works well, however you have to be willing to be on the computer every day, including weekends.


c)      Yes I have and yes I would. The only snags I've had are on online group of 4 that didn't get into sharing experiences by e-mailing to the whole group. Still they all had remarkable shifts in their lives.


4)  What have you found to be the best method of client contact during the program - phone (daily, weekly) e-mail (daily, weekly) in person (how often)?


a)      I am structuring my work with daily e-mail and in-person weekly for 2-hours, for 4 weeks.


b)      I work with a combination of e-mail and weekly phone consults. For the phone consults I have developed a lovely ritual:

                        i.      I arrive at my desk 10-15 minutes before the call and center myself. I say a prayer and ask that my words be guided, my thoughts clear and my heart open.

                      ii.      I light a special candle for the client on my desk and when we finish I return it to my altar.

                     iii.      I take notes each time we talk and keep a file on the client just like I do with clients in my other consulting business.

                    iv.      I listen more than I talk. It really is an amazing truth that the more the clients get to talk the more brilliant they think you are?

                      v.      I do work on keeping the client focused on the past week assignment and introduction of the work and element for the week ahead.


c)      I run more e-mail groups than anything else, so that works best for me, in my life and schedule. But the in-person is very gratifying as you can work with body language. Phone is the hardest for me. I do the e-mail program daily, the groups weekly, and the one-on-on as it fits the clients schedule, but try to work on the program weekly.


d)      I like working by phone, that way I can directly discuss issues with the client and help them to work through areas where they are really struggling.


e)      Daily e-mail.


5)  When working with the client/class in person, how often do you gather and how long is that session?


a)      Most work will be done via phone. I find in my general life coaching this works best. Plus it really develops your listening skills. Bonus is you can be in your jammies!


b)      My group classes are two hours in length (be prepared for it to last longer), and we meet for 6 weeks, intro - 4 weeks and vision quest/vision seed visualization. Online groups/session 28 days straight through, e-mailing everyday. One-on-one, I schedule an hour, except the first meeting might be an hour and a half, if I have never met them before.


c)      Once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. 2 hour class, but I've gone over every week


d)      I so far have been working one-to-one, and I offer a choice during our first meeting (and after me feeling what is right also) to meet either 2,3,or 4 sessions, during their 28 Days. I believe that empowers each client from the start. To make a choice on how they feel. Each meeting is booked for 2 hours. I then offer them their Air week. Then after Air week, I have been e-mailing them the previous night their assignment for the following day. This works great with me/them, as I feel more in-tune with them by posting it daily. I have noticed more response with/from them via e-mail as I send them daily after their first week. The connection between Us is stronger.


5)  Since the 28 Days program is set-up perfectly to meet weekly for each Element - as both a wrap-up of the week and introduction to the next week - how have you found success in structuring these gatherings?


a)      I work the first day of each week as an exploration of the element and, setting the tone for the week. We share the previous weeks 'stuff', and also briefly go over the up-coming week's assignment, but the bulk of the time is in element exploration. I spent much time prepping the room for the group (it's not always the same based on who I have). For example, my group last night was the first day of Air. From the first week introduction, I found out that they love music and aromatherapy, so we created aromatherapy mixes based on their results of their Day One assessments, that would support them in this week's endeavors. I gave them all peacock feathers and various incense as gifts for the week. Then we worked with bells and singing bowls to feel the vibration of sound and worked on breathing. I LOVE working with a couple CD's for my classes. One is Invocation for World Angel Day, by Regekah, and another is Choose to be You, by Bliss. We used these to do relaxation and breathing.


b)      For me personally, I have allowed, and will continue to allow, myself to not get in the way. What I mean by that is that the meetings are for each client to bring what has been going on with them, and for me to work with what ever they come with. The first meeting I discuss the 28 Days and set an outline for the 28 days. Making sure it feels right and sits well with them.
The next sessions I always make sure there is no concern from the week they have just gone through. Then the weeks following, I talk about the next week and briefly outline the week ahead at the ending of each session. I like to remind myself it is their journey and it is not about me telling them. So I keep it short and just make sure they do not have any misunderstandings or concerns about the following week.
I always do a meditation/visualization at the end of the session to invoke and connect them to the Element they are connecting with during the element for the week ahead. After Earth Week, I have offered an extra meeting/telephone call at any time during their Quest work.


c)      Yes.


1)      Bonus Information


a)      A great way to speak to clients more directly and for free, even across the world is SKYPE. It s great, you only need a headset and away you go…free calls across the world via the net…the quality of sound is very good.


b)      I have set up conference calls through

c)      Other phone services and




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Conducting Online Soul Coaching:

The following was taken from an e-group response by  LuAnn Cibik  to a question regarding setting up and pricing an e-workshop for the 28 Day program.

 I structure my e-groups as 28 days straight through of the program, with a vision quest at the end, and I touch base with people again about a week later to just 'check in' with them. Each day I e-mail them a message similar to Denise's daily message in the book about how this day is affecting me., or what it means to me today. I really do the program along with the group, in some ways, even if I do not actively do the exercise levels. But I contemplate on that day's activity, and write a message that I feel will touch the group. I encourage each of them to share their experiences from the day.

I set each group up on Yahoo (easy to do), so that it works just how this e-group works, I send the message out to the group, and they all receive it, and can all then 'chat' and share. Sometimes they are very involved and e-mail pictures of vision seed maps to each other, and sometimes you never hear a peep out of them.

The beauty about the e-group is that you can set-up your own time of day to devote to answering e-mails (sometimes they write to you individually with issues) and also in my daily message I answer each person who wrote in to the group so that they know they are heard (some groups validate each other better than others). You can have clients from all over the world, and that is sooooooo cool! It also means you have to think about the time of day that you send messages out and be consistent, so that people get the assignment when they are expecting it.

 What you need think about setting-up group pricing is: 

bulletHow much time will it take you daily (if that is how you structure your program) - Takes me about 1/2 - 1 hour depending on the volume of activity from the group that day.
bulletHow many times will you run the group (you will have to spend some time formatting the information, etc) and if you only do an e-group once, you need to factor this into your cost. Over time I have collected stories and created pages on my own personal website that celebrate each of the elements as reference for the people in the program. Over time, I'm sure you will do the same.
bulletHow many people do you want in your group. (The largest e-group I've had is 6 or 7 people.) If you only get one person responding for your group class, I would either postpone it, or invite some interested friends or clients to be part of the group as your guest. Running a group of 1 is much harder, and is really private e-training 
bulletWhat are your advertising and other expenses.

 The other thing to consider is how comfortable you are with the computer. You will need to be available online for people daily, because even if you set it up as weekly assignments, people may want to be able to touch base with you more frequently. The people you will get who want to do the program online are generally people who spend much time on the computer.

 You also need to think about how you will get paid, and I have started using PayPal and am pleased with this. Otherwise people have to send you checks, or call you with credit card information (if you can take this). Since PayPal is Internet based and it is an Internet based course, I find this works well.

 I charge $199.00 (US) for the online e-group program. I do not send them other materials and I don't have any phone contact. I know other people have set-up programs that include one phone call for a phone guided visualization, or have sent their clients a copy of Denise's book.


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 Class Completion Story

Berte Winding-Sorensen

 I have finally 'wet my feet' with the soul coaching program and it has been an incredible experience. Very rewarding for me, and I think, for the tow ladies in my mini e-group who finished their four weeks today. The responses I've got tells me the results are coming. But still, even if they had not stuck with their program, and never had done any assignment, I have had one great influence on their daily lives, one that I am really pleased with. They both work with computers, and have both been dreading their e-mail - now, however, they come to work, start their computers and immediately scan their mail for my daily message, with the daily affirmation in large, coloured text, and with the assignments attached. Then they start their day at work reading spiritually uplifting and inspiring material, and have a greater sense of joy and purpose during the day. Both have told me they absolutely love the affirmations. So I have been feeling a bit sad that this had to end, but then I decided - it does not have to end! I am going to send weekly affirmations, on random days - some weeks maybe even more than one, I'll have to see how it all works out. I have been enjoying myself immensely finding both the fonts and the colours that served to reinforce the affirmations, so this is going to be a fun project! Of course, none of them know this, it'll be a surprise for Monday….

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The Business of Soul Coaching Personal Extended Studies


 "Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it. The coaching relationship is like that. It's unique. There is no other relationship in our lives that consistently offers this extraordinary level of support and encouragement…. This relationship is like having your own personal navigator for the journey of your life: someone who will help you find your way and stay on course.

 "Coaching is a powerful relationship for people making important changes in their lives….The clients represent the full spectrum of occupations: CEOs at top corporate offices, artists, managers, consultants, small business owners, entrepreneurs. Moreover, they represent people for whom [life] was just a small part of their reason for seeking out coaching.

 "Imagine someone listening, not only to your words, but also to what's behind them - who even listens to the spaces between the words. Someone in tune with the nuances of your voice, your emotion, your energy - who is intent on receiving everything you communicate. Someone who listens to the very best in you, even when you can't hear it in yourself. Listening at this level is just one of the special coaching skills we [as Soul Coaches will pass on to clients.…]

 "Imagine a relationship with someone who is totally curious about your dreams and aspirations, what makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in your life - a person who will help you clarify your goals and provide the tools for action and learning that will lead you to the results you want."

  Excerpt from Introduction to Co-Active Coaching, Whitworth, Kimsey, Sandahl


"What we do today, right now, will have an

accumulated effect on all our tomorrows."

-Alexandra Stoddard


1)      Have you done any further coaching training? If so what and why?


a)      I would suggest looking into your local community college. Many have coaching training.


b)      I have graduated from an ICF accredited Life Coach training and feel it provided me with the business courses and structure that have been so valuable.


2)      Have you found any continuing educational materials you can recommend?


a)   …do some Google searches under coaches and it will lead to some wonderful resources. One that I just love is You can request just to receive the free newsletter which is jam packed with great information for running a business for a solopreneur.


Recommended books

Coaching Related - Business Building

a)      Co-Active Coaching, Whitworth, Kimsey Sandahl, Davies-Black Publishing, ISBN 0-89106-123-1, comment "available on Amazon - extremely valuable, if you are going to buy one book - make it this one!!!"


b)      Marketing Essentials for Coaches, Steve Mitten, comment, "I had to order it from the International Coaches Federation "


c)      Four Steps to Building A Profitable Coaching Practice: A Complete Marketing Resource Guide for Coaches,  Deborah Brown-Volkman, ISBN 0-595-29660-2


d)      Lynn Grodski's books, comment "I am currently in practice building tele-class with her…her specialty is working with practice building …."

Building Your Ideal Private Practice: A Guide for Therapists and Other Healing Professionals

Twelve Months to Your Ideal Private Practice: a Workbook

The New Private Practice: Therapist - Coaches Share Stories, Strategies and Advice

Business and Practice of Coaching: Finding Your Niche, Making Money and Attracting Clients (release May 2005)


e)      Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice…and Your Life, Patrick Williams


f)       Therapist as Life Coach, Patrick Williams, comment " also excellent. I receive his newsletter."


g)      Get Clients Now, CJ Hayden, comment "…available through Amazon."


Business Information

a)      The Art of the Start, Guy Kawaski, ISBN, 1-59184-056-2, comment "…seems to answer a lot of questions."


b)      Start Late Finish Rich, David Bach, ISBN 0767919467


c)      The Contract and Fee-Setting Guide for Consultants & Professionals, Howard L. Shenson, ISBN 0-471-51538-8


d)      Guerrilla Marketing Attack, New Strategies, Tactics & Weapons for Winning Big Profits from Your Small Business, Jay Conrad Levinson,  ISBN 0-395-50220-9 (pbk)


e)      Million Dollar Consulting, The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice, Alan Weiss,  ISBN 0-07-069102-9


f)        How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, Herman Holtz, ISBN 0-471-57581-X


g)      Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads: Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion, Roy H. Williams, ISBN 1-885167-52-0 trade paperback



a)      The Hidden Power of Dreams, Denise Linn, can work very well in conjuction with Soul


b)      Quest, Denise Linn, comment "I find a lot of project suggestions in this book."


c)      Sacred Space ,  Dense Linn,  for assisting you in creating a safe and sacred space to work with clients 


d)      The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto


e)      Animal Speak, Ted Andrews, ISBN 0-87542-028-1, Dragonhawk Publishing


f)        Animal Wise, Ted Andrews, ISBN 1-888767-34-0, Dragonhawk Publishing


g)      Nature Speak, Ted Andrews, ISBN 1-888767-37-5, Dragonhawk Publishing


h)      Soul Signs, Kevin J. Todeschi


i)        The Moment That Matters, Eric Dowsett


j)        Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place? Rolf Gordon, Published by Dulwich Health Tel: 0208 670 5883 (England)




a)      Ask And It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, Ester and Jerry Hicks, ISBN 1401094500, Hay House


b)      There is a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem, Wayne W. Dyer, ISBN 0-00-713147-x , comment "When I picked this book up in the store it buzzed in my hand and I knew for sure I had to buy it."


c)      The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer, Hay House, comment, "I listened to the CD and then highlighted the book."


d)      The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, ISBN 0-340-73350-0, Hodder and Stoughton,  comment "My partner just finished reading [this]. He is a Life coach and found this excellent to work in with some of his clients goals and understanding."


e)      Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, Byron Kathie with Stephen Mitchell, comment "…also has a website where you can print out worksheets."


f)        The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin, comment "…wonderful and in a very short time this easy method has taught me to release even more."


g)      All of Robert Moss' books on dreams as well as his 6 tape series.


h)      The Wild Within, Paul Rezendes


i)        The Architecture of All Abundance, Lenedra J. Carroll


3)      Do you have any other Wise Words to share with us?


a)      I am not able to be a coach unless I have a coach. It keeps me continually reaching for better and better for myself as well as remaining congruent and in alignment with what I am teaching….I also wouldn't be comfortable being a therapist, counselor or decision maker for a client unless I had the credentials to do so. I see us as Soul Coaches: the cheerleader, inspiration and motivational leader…the money thing is touch to me and I am sure for lots of others. I had had to really work on this one since I could not see for so long the value I really had to offer people and it was because I didn't value myself enough! Good Luck!


b)      Be sure to set aside time and energy to start creating your practice. If you have too many other projects going at the same time it can be difficult. Think of it as a part time job and devote at least 10 to 15 hours a week to either promoting it, researching, learning and, of course, seeing clients.


c)      Don't coach friends.


d)      The ideal client is ready and willing to continue on the path. You have the skills to develop every client into the ideal client!


e)      Go with your heart and all else will follow.


f)        I truly feel that a critical mass of Soul Coaches has just about been reached which will soon propel us all into remarkable new territory as practitioners. Things may seem slow going to many of us who feel ready to burst up through the new earth of spring and share our transformations with everyone who crosses our paths. All in good time, I keep telling myself, when conditions are sufficient. There must be some more deep changes and clearings that need to occur either in me or in the world and probably both. We must keep the faith. Ultimately, all clients are Divinely orchestrated anyway. All is well.


g)      Don't give classes away. They aren't appreciated. There needs to be an exchange of money or equal value goods



"What we commonly call man….

the eating, drinking,

planting, counting man, does not…

as we know him…

represent himself, but misrepresents himself.

Him we do not respect.

But the Soul, whose organ he is,

would he let it appear through his action,

would make our knees bend.

When it breathes through his intellect it is genius

When it breathes through his will it is virtue.

When if flows through his affection it is love."

Ralph Waldo Emerson




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