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Connecting with the Yahoo E-group community


This is one of our communications forums, and we welcome your voice there!

In 2017 we will be introducing weekly conversation points to share information we all have about doing our business, and tips we can share with each other.

If you have direct administrative questions regarding the operations of the SC group or if you would have an e-mail address change, we can assist you in making that change if you need help. You can contact  and the team of amazing beings who volunteer to support our communications will help you out!



From Denise Linn



New Year, New Format:
One of the additions to the new year will be a topic of the week. In this way we can learn from each other as we share what’s working (and what may not be working.) For example, one week we may be talking about collage workshops and the collage process. Another week we might be talking about clutter clearing in regard to our clients. Another week we might be talking about bell clearing. These discussions will be archived so that we can refer to them in the future. I’m excited about this new format that starts at the beginning of the year. (Many thanks to the gracious Soul Coach Trainers that helped work on the list for the year.)

I’ve appreciated all the great ideas suggested about this e-group. Here are 
my ideas as well.

Identification…Who are You? and Where do You Live?:

if you are willing, I’d love to see your full name, class number and area of 
the world, as well as your e-mail address (either at the beginning or end of 
each e-mail). 

I know that it takes a second or so longer to paste this information in, 
but I love it when someone does this. For me personally, I feel more connected 
to the sender when I can place them in the world. (And we ARE all over the 
world! Just in the last seminar, we had people from such a wide spread number 
of countries including: Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Norway, England, The 
Congo, Thailand, Australia and the United States. Yipeee!!!)

I know that I haven’t been identifying myself, but I will start doing this as 
well. For example for me I’ll put:

Denise Linn
Class number: Yea I was there was all of them!!!
Paso Robles, California
United States

Personal Support:

I personally love the fact that we support each other in our various up-turns 
and downturns in life. (And I sure have felt supported during some trying 
times in my life though e-groups.) However, I can understand that for some 
people, it gets tedious when there is a call for healing for, the neighbor of a 
friend’s friend, etc., for example. 

How about if we utilize the healing aspect of the e-group if a situation 
personally impacts you deeply, such as for a family member, or your very close 
friend, then we can send energy to you as well as the individual.

Also, to reduce the number of e-mails on the International Soul Coaching 
e-group, if we have a personal message for someone, perhaps we could e-mail them 
personally. (But I have also been extremely guilty of being too quick to hit 
the ‘reply button’ and sending to the whole group when I mean to reply to an 
individual, so I do know how easily that can happen.)

As a suggestion, if you have a personal one-liner for someone, as much as 
possible, if that could be sent to them personally, it would be great. However, 
an exception to this might be on the smaller individual class e-groups. I foresee that some of the individual Soul Coaching e-groups will continue for many years into the future. 


As well as personal support, the larger International e-group is a fabulous 
avenue for getting feedback about building your business, supporting your 
clients, creating classes for the 28 days, and for general perspective on being a 
Soul Coach, as well as numerous other things.

I love the idea of topics being presented and we will begin this formally in 2017. However, if there is a topic of interest to you or something you want to share with the group, we want to hear! Also I love the idea of sharing information, for example, music that we find helpful for Soul Journeys or books that have helped us become better in this field. 


I know, I know, I have been a great offender, but I do know that it is 
valuable to state in the subject box of your e-mail what the actual subject of your 
e-mail is. This way, as we develop archives on various subjects, we can 
easily look up the information that we need.

For example, if someone wants to know what essential oils are best in a Soul 
Coaching treatment room the subject might read:
‘What Essential Oils are Best for SC?" And the replies might be 
"Best Essential Oils for Soul Journeys"


I personally don’t think we should send attachments to the e-group. (Of 
course if someone asks you to, you can send an attachment to that person 

E-mail overload:

As someone who receives up to 200 or more e-mails a day, I know what it can 
feel like when there a zillion e-mails and, as it has been suggested before, 
there should be a way on your computer to digest or have all your Soul Coaching 
e-mails put into a folder, so it only looks like one e-mail. 

(Also, thank god for the delete button.) 

Group Moderator:

We actually don’t have a moderator for the Soul Coaching e-group.

However, Carol Chiang very generously and kindly has taken time from her very busy schedule to sign everyone up. (Thank you Carol) If you want to contact someone about a problem with your e-group membership, you can contact 






Here are some optional ideas for handling e-mails. On occasion there may be a lot of e-mails arriving in your e-mail program. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. You may already be aware of some options, but just in case you aren't here are some below. This applies to any yahoo group, SoulCoaches and/or your individual SoulCoachingXXXX or SCXX groups.


1) Daily Digest

You could have a daily digest from the group, which I believe would mean that you get one e-mail a day from the group containing all the individual e-mails from that day. Some people like and prefer this. This is relatively simple.


2) No E-mail option, use Yahoo ID on group website

Another option is to get a yahoo id and then read the e-mails/posts on the group website.


3) E-mail organization

a) Some e-mail programs have the capability of allowing you to create a separate SoulCoaches folder in the e-mail program and then setting up a filter such that all e-mails containing  in the To: field go to the newly setup SoulCoaches folder.

b) If your e-mail program has the capability, you may create a separate folder for e-mail to be read later. Move any e-mails you want to read later to that folder.


4) Get a separate free yahoo e-mail address just for Soul Coaching e-mails or just for the global SoulCoaches yahoo group.


5) Use the Delete function







All of the info below is completely *Optional* if you are getting your messages via e-mail and are not having any difficulties. 


E-mails undeliverable because of full e-mail boxes or other reasons:

If yahoo tries to send e-mail to your e-mail address and it gets bounced back because your mailbox is full or because of some other problem, then yahoo groups stops sending e-mail to that address until a while later. A while later it sends you an e-mail asking you to reactivate your membership. You can then do as the e-mail says and it should reactivate your membership.


If you ever suspect you are missing e-mail messages from a group, you can always check out the messages on the yahoo group site, however, you will need a Yahoo ID.

If you notice you are missing messages, you can ask the moderator to send a reactivation request. The yahoo groups does send out a reactivation request after a while.


Viewing messages you missed:

To view messages that you may have missed you can login to yahoo groups with your Yahoo ID and go to the group and read messages on the group site.


Having Yahoo Find your groups associated with your Yahoo ID.  Note: this is if you already have a Yahoo ID or want a Yahoo ID and you login and you do not see your groups listed in My Groups:

) Log into yahoo groups, , with your Yahoo ID

) Click on Manage next to My Groups.

) At the very bottom in small print you will see "Don't see all your groups?".  Click on it.

) Then it will bring up Find My Groups with your e-mail address. Click on Continue and it will search for groups with that e-mail address and then report to you.







If you are sending and receiving messages with the yahoo groups using your

e-mail account and are happy with that, then you do NOT need a yahoo id. It



If you wish to setup your own yahoo group, then you will need a Yahoo ID.


If someone in the group uploads things like files or photos to the yahoo group site, then you will need a Yahoo ID if you wish to check it out.




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