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The following information is for Denise Linn Certified Soul Coaches.






It is LuAnn's gift to all Soul Coaching grads to place their name FOR FREE on the Certified Soul Coach list on the Soul Coaching website with your name, location and contact information listed (phone number, website address, or e-mail). To be included, she needs your permission to do this.


E-mail her at admin@soul-coaching.com with a statement like ‘I give you permission to list my information on the www.soul-coaching.com  site’, and include your name and contact information listed (phone number, website address, or e-mail) so that people can contact you directly. (She generally updates the site about once per month or so depending on her schedule.) 


Be aware that the Soul Coaching website is a public site and sometimes you may receive some junk e-mails from someone who was searching the internet for people to market to and then from the Soul Coaching website may use the e-mail addresses to send advertisement e-mails.  One way to avoid this is to simply list your website or phone number.  However, this means one more step for potential customers who may wish to e-mail you.  It is up to you.



If you wish to be listed in the Featured Coach section of the www.soul-coaching.com  website, please contact LuAnn at admin@soul-coaching.com.  These are the listings with the pictures and the Bios… clients really want to know a bit more about you before they trust you with their soul! 


It’s easy and affordable to be listed.  It is $120 for a two year listing.  You could create your 150-200 word bio, and then e-mail that, all your contact info, and your picture (or company logo) to LuAnn. Featured coaches also have priority in the article submitted to the public newsletter, which reaches close to 2000 interested people


As a Featured coach you can also have your classes posted on the EVENT listing that is shared on social media, accessed from the official website and public newsletter.


LuAnn Cibik handles the listings on the Soul Coaching website.

Contact her via e-mail: luann@inner-harmony.org






To become a Featured Coach for $120 a year for a 2 year listing




to submit your FREE listing on the Geographical Page





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