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Calling in your Clients to you!

 A group of exceptional Soul Coaching Practitioners have offered to create articles for inspiration and potentially for use by other practitioners. Sometimes, the best way to get information our about your services is through submitting an article to a local paper, free magazine, or your local 'new age' fliers.

Many times, when you pay for an ad in the media, you can submit an article - and believe me - through experience I know that you get far more mileage in advertising through a published article than through just an ad alone.

If you have never written anything for publication, if can be downright scary to think about getting started. So, this page was created as a way for soul coaches who are already writing articles could share their work to inspire you on writing your own soul coaching oriented article, or some have even given you permission to take their work and utilize it. And we are ALWAYS looking for articles for our Soul Coaching monthly e-zine!

Blessings on your business!


LuAnn Cibik, SCT/SCMP

Soul Coaching August 2003




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These Sample Articles for Soul Coaches to use as inspiration for their own stories, to further promote their business and the technique of Soul Coaching:


Intensive Self-Nurturing

Your Destiny

Making Soul Committments

A Journey with your Soul!


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What is soul coaching?

written and shared by Judith Waller

By (insert name of professional soul coach)

Do you ever wonder: Who am I? Why am I here? How do I hear the guidance of my soul? Like a way to answer these questions? Well, here it is! Soul Coaching takes you on a profound 28 day journey of cleansing and transformation, in your own way and at your own pace. Devised by Denise Linn, internationally renowned healer and author, the program gently guides you to balance and reinvigorate your life, connecting to the rhythms of Nature and the elements, centering you in the Divine flow of the universe, and tuning into the wisdom and truth of your soul. Take this journey to the very essence of your being, and I can guarantee that your life will never be the same again!

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Hi to fellow Soul Coaches,

I offer this article to use in any publication. If you use it, I would like credit as the author. (and would love to know that you chose to use it). Thanks so much!

 Betsy Gutting,SC 11


 Getting Juiced!


Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Life

 By Betsy  It had been a long winter. I’d spent six months grieving the loss of my marriage, adjusting to a new home, and weathering my two teen-aged daughters’ difficult transitions. A burst of spring growth fueled my hope for a fresh new beginning. “It’s time to begin your new life!” my spirit kept prodding me. And yet I felt stuck.

 What did this “new life” look like? I was ready to move forward, but none of the possible “next steps” felt quite right.

 As a Soul Coach, I help empower others to expand their lives beyond familiar territory. I have learned that when we feel stuck or restless in some area of our life, it usually means we need to clear out space for something new to enter.  Clearing away patterns, people or things that no longer serve our new expansion literally lightens our load.

 As it turned out, it was Spring Break and my former partner was taking my daughters back East for a week’s vacation. Admittedly feeling a bit sorry for myself for being “left behind,” I got quiet and consulted my inner guidance on how I could nurture myself during the vacation week. “Do a body detox,” my inner messenger counseled, “it’s exactly what your soul needs.”

“Hmmm….a body detox,” I mused. Visions of churning hunger and deprivation flooded in. I’d “dieted” before, and the process had never made me feel good … or brought me anywhere near happiness. And yet, I was well aware that during those six months of grieving I’d gained at least 10 pounds, on more than one lonely evening having nurtured myself with “comfort food.”  I was ready to let go of that pattern. I very much wanted to adopt new, healthier ways of loving my body.

 Plus, I recalled watching my friend, Kymberlee, undertake a transformational “juice cleanse” a year earlier. I witnessed her confidence soar and demeanor soften as she became more serene and happy during her detox. As a lover of transformational-growth experiences, I’d filed this one away as something definitely worth doing.

 A juice fast, I soon learned, is thankfully not a “diet.” It is, rather, an intentional therapeutic program that allows your body to take a rest from digesting food and kick into it’s own natural, cleansing mode. Juice cleansing increases the cleansing capacity of the eliminative organs – the lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin – so that masses of accumulated metabolic wastes and toxins can be quickly expelled. In today’s modern world, where much of our air and water is polluted and our food is altered by the use of pesticides and chemicals, our bodies can greatly benefit from a periodic detoxification.

 But the benefits of a juice cleanse, in my experience, can go far beyond resting and rejuvenating your body. Committing to a detox is a powerful symbolic act of self-love. The process of detoxing naturally moves your focus to your physical body – toward cultivating a renewed sense of well-being. It is a powerful opportunity to nurture your body in new ways.

 For example, I knew from reading and talking with others who had done 5-7 day cleanses, that I would probably experience periods of hunger, especially during the first 2 or 3 days. I was also told that I might experience low feelings and possibly headaches as predictable detox side effects. Knowing this, I planned a light work-load, and scheduled two massages during my 5-day cleanse.  I also took warm sea salt baths with essential oils.

 Affirmations were also healing. I affirmed daily that I was cleansing my body, clearing out old patterns, and bringing in new energy and vitality to create my new life. Over and over I sent my body and spirit the message that I was worthy of this special pampering time.

 I played soothing music and made extra time for meditation. I journaled about my experience when I felt low. Each day I massaged my tummy and noticed its new suppleness. I dry-brushed my skin with a natural bristle brush to slough off dead cells and increase it’s capacity to “breathe” and release toxins.

 I walked around a nearby lake twice a day. I gave thanks for the simple gift of a warm, fresh breeze on my skin. In short, I was tuning in to my senses and what made my body feel good, peaceful, and relaxed.

 The more I cared for my body, the more I felt loving feelings for it. I began to feel a new appreciation for my physical self and everything it did for me. I vowed not to abuse my body again by overindulging in too-large portions, excessive caffeine, or that “extra” glass of wine.

 When you commit to a juice cleanse with the intention of taking supreme care of your body, you can expect wonderful side effects. You will come away with a new appreciation for healthy food. With healthier eating and body-care habits, your energy and vitality will increase. Most people lose a few pounds, which can’t help but boost confidence.  And your spirit rewards you with a new bounce in your step. You literally feel lighter, freer … stronger and more empowered to move forward in your life.

 To get optimal results from your juice cleanse, here are some practical suggestions:

 1.  Get support. Buy a book, do internet research, and/or get information from friends who have successfully done a juice cleanse. I recommend having a book that details the why’s, how to’s, and benefits of juice cleansing by your side as you go through the process. It’s also a great boost to partner with someone and give each other phone/email support.  You may want to get extra support by doing a supervised cleanse at a recognized retreat center.

 2.  Gift yourself with the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables available in making your juices. Beg, borrow or steal the best juicer available. Allow plenty of time to enjoy making your juices and savor the taste of freshly juiced, organically grown produce. “Chew” your juice rather than just drinking it down. As you shop for and juice your ingredients, affirm that you are giving your body, mind and spirit a wonderful gift of rest and rejuvenation. Your body will reward you many times over!

 3.  Dry brush your skin 1-2 times per day (before showering) during the cleansing process. As you brush, affirm that you are releasing toxins and freeing your body to breathe in new life. Start at your feet and work your way up, always brushing in the direction of your heart. Be extra gentle on your neck and face. As you stimulate your lymphatic system and slough off dead cells, your skin will radiate a healthy glow.

 4.  Remember that you are letting go of the old and making space for the new. Experiencing low feelings or emotional periods is a normal part of the detoxification process. Your body is releasing toxins and old patterns. Within 3-4 days, you will begin to feel lighter, happier and experience a new sense of well-being.  People often report a heightened sense of connection with their spiritual source.

 5. Record your feelings and experiences. Use a journal if you like. Draw or dance your feelings if you feel restless, stuck or a desire to give up. Affirm that you are releasing the old and bringing in new energy.

 6.  Consult your doctor before you begin a cleanse. If you have any health issues this is an absolute necessity. Above all, listen to your body throughout the cleansing process.

 7. Colon cleansing. Consider colonic hydrotherapy to cleanse your bowels. I did this on day 4 of my cleanse and felt a wonderful burst of new energy. I highly recommend this treatment!

 8. Break your “fast” gradually by slowly returning to “real” food, starting with fresh fruits and veggies. Your body needs a slow transition to adjust and get the maximum benefits from your cleanse. Juice cleansing experts recommend taking 4 days to gently return to your normal diet. Consult a juice cleanse book for a menu plan on breaking your fast.


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Authentic Relationships  
Staying True to Yourself in Love

(written and shared by Betsy )

By (insert name of professional soul coach)

In his famous song, "Heart of Gold," Neil Young croons, "I wanna live, I wanna give, I've
been a miner for a heart of gold…." What if you searched your heart for your "gold," what
would you find?

As a Soul Coach, I help empower clients to discover and live their "heart of gold," the
uniquely beautiful core part of them that longs to express itself in every aspect of their
life. Our "gold" is our authenticity. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our authenticity
comes through in everything we do with a full and open heart. And it longs to express
itself in our relationships, our career, and our most playful and creative expressions.

On my bedroom wall is my "authenticity" collage – a collage I created from Oprah
magazine images and words in my soul coaching training. Smack dab in the center is a
big, fat, juicy cinnamon roll covered with velvety cream cheese frosting. Sweetening the
roll's edges is a bit of cinnamonny juicy syrup, hinting at its fuller presence in the center
of the roll. Because of it's delectable and moist richness, the center of the cinnamon roll is
my favorite part. And so it is with our most authentic selves.

Like the sweetly spiced syrup saturating a cinnamon roll's center, our authenticity is the
most juicy core of who we are. We experience our core as a passionate sense of aliveness –
as uninhibited and exuberant as we can imagine feeling. Being authentic matters because
it fuels our daily lives with the energy we need to grow joyfully into the fullness of who we

Yet sometimes it feels as though our "juiciness" lives only faintly around the edges of our
experience. One of the most challenging places to express our authenticity is in our
relationships. I think of authenticity as being true to myself…to my feelings, desires,
hopes and dreams.

If I am feeling "off-balance" in one of my relationships, be it with my one of my kids, my
significant other or a friend, I know it's a message that I am in some way not being true to
my own needs or desires. It's so easy to unconsciously mask my own authenticity by trying
to please or appease my partner. Therefore, the first step toward an authentic relationship
is telling the truth about how where you are.

As a Soul Coach, I help my clients access their own truth by journeying to connect with the
voice of their soul. The soul always knows the truth.

For example, recently a client came to me seeking clarity on what to do about her new love
relationship. Although she really liked this man and was enjoying his company, her energy
was beginning to feel zapped because they were spending "so much time together." She
was discouraged because she was finding less and less time to work on her main focus,
building her private healing practice. She found herself spending more and more time
feeling discontent and less and less time having fun with him.

She didn't want to end the relationship, yet continuing in the same way also felt
uncomfortable. She felt stuck.

I led her on a Soul Journey, a powerful form of guided meditation, to receive guidance
from her soul. In a Soul Journey, the client is deeply relaxed, which allows her spirit, or
"creative side," to take over and offer an inspired message or solution.

In this case, the message my client got was that she needed to allow much more quiet
time for herself. She also felt her desire to focus on her healing work affirmed. She left the
session realizing she didn't have to end the relationship. She did, however, feel a new
resolve to let her boyfriend know about her need to stay true to her goals and focus more
time on her practice.

What I love about Soul Coaching is that it assumes the client already has the wisdom and
inner resources to get unstuck and find that seemingly elusive clarity. My role is to create
the safe and sacred space that lets them relax and open to their own wisdom. I also offer
them powerful, creative tools that will allow them to access this inner guidance.

Clients often feel stuck because they only see two, equally unpalatable options. For
example, staying in an unsatisfying or relationship or leaving it and all the good it is
providing behind. However, our souls often have more creative and affirming solutions to

As the client discovers their own truth, they are empowered in the process to act on it with
confidence. Clients leave my office feeling more alive, passionate, and often, with a
renewed sense of their life's purpose.

Being authentic in your relationships requires that you be in touch with your inner truth.
Here's how to tune in:

1. Get quiet, take a few deep breaths and place your focus on your heart.

2. Ask your heart, "what do I want to feel with this person?"

3. Once you have your desired feeling, spend a few moments really feeling it in your whole

4. Allow your imagination to create a visual image or a sense of the two of you together,
co-creating your desired feeling.

5. Return to your image or visualization whenever you feel low energy around the

This process may bring up feelings that need to be voiced to your partner in order to get
back into balance with one another. Or, it may inspire new ways of relating or new ideas
for co-creating more joy together. Either way, it will move you forward in feeling more
passion, aliveness and unbridled expression in your relationship.

For more information on Soul Coaching or how to discover what your soul is saying, check
out my website at (INSERT WEBSITE) and the book Soul Coaching (Hay House, 2003) by
Denise Linn. For a free soul coaching initial consultation, call my office at (INSERT PHONE).


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Intensive Self-Nurturing

 (written and shared by Sandra )

 by [your name here]

In a recent dream, someone asked me if my glass was half full or half  empty. My reply was neither, its full and overflowing.  The next morning I remembered an old favorite saying of mine, 'You can only give away that which is overflowing.  You need all the rest just to keep going.'  This belief has always seemed to be in conflict with my childhood upbringing of  'digging deep and giving until it hurts'!  So, how do you reconcile these  two seemingly contradictory beliefs?

The answer lies in your Spiritual Banking Practices.  What do you do to make deposits in the account called YOU?  If you're a Spiritual Light Worker, you certainly know how to make withdrawals.  You freely give of your time,  talents, and financial resources on a daily basis.  You would be mortified to have someone call you selfish or self-serving.  Sometimes, you've given so much that you've made yourself sick with exhaustion.  Imagine if you would a team that has a star player.  Whenever the team gets in trouble they turn to the star player for a miracle.  In a pinch, this star pulls out the miracle and the team wins the game.  But, how many times can that star 'go to the well before the well runs dry'?  How can you give anything out of a  'dry well'?

 So let's go back to the original question?  What can you do to make deposits in the account called YOU?  What Intensive Self-Nurturing Practices do you actively participate in?  What keeps you connected to the Source?  For each of us, it's different.  One thing for sure, it begins with a huge, I get to .., or I could never ..  What sounds delicious, wonderful, delightful and maybe even silly to you?  This is what will make deposits into the account called YOU.  Maybe it's a daily meditation practice, Yoga, going for a walk, taking the afternoon off, sleeping in late, going to a movie, spending time in Nature, or simply a hot bath. When you do these things for yourself, you send the message to yourself and others that you deeply matter.

In addition to Intensive Self-Nurturing, staying present in the now moment helps build the account called YOU. In life, we often think everything must be accomplished in hyper-speed.  When we're having a bad day or feel ill, we want to hurry through the experience because someone needs our help or attention. It's often been said, 'We are Divine Beings having a human experience.' It's true that the highest part of our being knows everything.

But, it's also true that before we even came to this life, we chose the illusion of limitation to experience this Human Phenomenon.  Every experience in our lives is a teacher if we are a ready student. Sometimes we get it backwards and believe that our choices have chosen us.  Everything that you put off to integrate later becomes baggage, a drain on your energy bank account. Every experience that you process in the now becomes a deposit in the account called YOU. 

Recently, I watched the movie the Rwanda Hotel. This fact-based movie was about a hotel manager that was able to save over 1,200 people while genocide was going on all around him. He was able to make withdrawals from his from his personal integrity account because prior to this he had made so many deposits into nurturing relationships with others and with himself.  If you have a hard time practicing Intensive Self-Nurturing, imagine that you are someone else. What is the kindest, most loving thing you can do for another?

Name it and then gift it to yourself.  As you love and nurture yourself, you  nurture the Self, the One that we all are!

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Do you ever feel like life is overwhelming?  

Soul Coaching can help.

I am offering the use of this article as it is.  Please give me credit for writing it and don’t make any changes.  (If there is a good reason for you to change something because of translation please ask my permission first).  

Thank you all.  Liz

Have you ever thought that your life is much more complicated than it has to be?  Soul Coaching designed by Denise Linn provides the tools you need to find more peace, harmony and alignment for your life.  The 28 day self evaluation workshop will facilitate your ability to live and speak the truth in your heart, spirit and soul.  You will learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom and allow the creation of a future that is in alignment with your true values and core beliefs.  The intention that you set for yourself will determine where the energy flows and the experience that you have during the 28 days.  The unconditional love and sacred space found during a Soul Coaching workshop will help you find the stillness within where you can hear the answers you are searching for.

 The first week is focused on clearing away physical clutter from your surroundings which facilitates clearing out old out dated mental debris.  We turn our attention to mental activity, organization, commitments, self assessments, judgments, old rules and beliefs that may not fit the person you are now.  By clearing out your material and mental environments and examining your personality and its ability to discern what is good for you, you also begin to understand your inner rules and beliefs.  At the end of the week you should begin to have more mental clarity about “who” you are and where you are going.

 During week two you explore your emotional self, begin a process of purification and continue the elimination and organization of your environments.  You will evaluate all of your relationships including your relationship with yourself and begin to release old patterns of behavior and old programming that no longer fits you.  You begin to communicate from your soul certain truths that are buried or that you have been afraid to say.  We will celebrate your inner child and reignite the wonder and playfulness within you.  This week can jump start a deep inner awakening and the healing process of getting to the truths that already exist in your soul.

 Now you begin the third week of breaking old limiting behaviors and habits that no longer serve you.  Often we have pre-programmed reactions and pre-conditioned responses to situations that keep reoccurring in our lives.  It is time to face your fears and listen to the truth and wisdom within your soul and take some action.  Small modifications in your routine can help you redefine yourself and begin your transformation into someone who lives what is in their heart and soul. Be prepared to expect the previously unexpected from yourself.

 The last seven days will draw your attention to the physical environment.  What is your relationship to the physical reality that is you and also surrounds you?  We take this time to become more able to evaluate our physical form with compassion and unconditional love.  How can you create a healthy physical home for your heart, spirit and soul?  Now is the time you have to begin living your dreams and true desires.  It is time to love, accept and cherish yourself with each thought that you have and with each action that you take.

 Happiness is a way of life that you can choose for right now.  Softly and gently you will find that unconditional love, inner peace, and joy begin to radiate from you and out to the people who share your life.  Soul Coaching allows you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, face your fears, release old negative patterns and programming, get motivated, and step boldly and joyfully into a future that you can create for yourself.

(Your contact info in here. )


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 written and shared by Irene

If you really want to help this world, what you will really have to

 teach is how to live in it     

                                        Joseph Campbell


Soul Coaching is an inspired,  not driven, way of learning how to live in the world by accessing our true self and reconnecting to our inner essence. Some call this the ‘inner self’, ‘higher self’ or ‘intuitive self’.  Others may refer to this learning process as a  ‘remembering of  who we are’;  or the accessing of the creative, intuitive, right side of the brain. What is more important, is that this connection may have got lost along life’s path for many different reasons. A drifting away from our true dreams may have unconsciously built up over the years. The good news is that we can reconnect to this feeling of inner knowing-ness within soul coaching sessions. Soul Coaching can assist us to get back on track by working with our heart as well as our head.

 Soul Journeying  is one of the tools used in a Soul Coaching session. Soul Journeying takes the form of a guided, deep relaxation and meditation where all life’s distractions and resistances get peeled away, like an onion with many layers. It takes us beyond  the noise and the clutter of daily living, to  a small, still, quiet place within us. There can be no uniform description of this experience, as it is unique to each individual.

 During a Soul Journey, we may meet old friends, an animal guide or an ancestor who acts as a way-shower to our inner wisdom. This connection to inner wisdom or stored experience, begets outward  knowing-ness as it provides information that is not accessible in everyday consciousness. In turn, this lends  a greater awareness of what we truly can be: our true self. The Soul Journey leads us to our essence.

 As a result of the Soul Journeying experience, our inner self starts to become congruent with our outer self. It is then that we can fulfil our hearts’ desires and be in harmony with our true needs: we just need to recognize them as true needs. Campbell referred to this as “learning how to live in this world”, that is, living by following our heart, mind and soul.

Our true self can be discovered by going inward beyond judgement, fear and difficult challenges. Soul Coaching helps us find the courage, initiative and enthusiasm to be the self that is clutter free. This allows us to develop a roadmap that will take us beyond our conditioning, or other peoples’ expectations,  to responsible freedom.

You may say that surely we already know how to live in this world? All we need  to learn is how to cope with working relationships, marriage, earning a living, parenting, etc.  However, while these roles are important, we sometimes get ourselves into roles unwittingly, due to others’ involvement in our lives and without listening to our inner, wise self to check whether these roles are suitable for us.

Maybe we have forgotten how to be ourselves in a world full of role playing. We become, for example, the person who can accomplish the most, the quickest.  On whose criterion must we become the quickest?  This type of life roadmap is directed from without ourselves and these roles can become ingrained. Due to these outer influences, we can lose sight of our essence and of who we actually are.

In soul coaching, the Soul Coach is the catalyst that inspires the start of  the Soul Journey.  We alone are the ones who take a consciously aware route to being our true selves: the Soul Journey and the Soul Coach are there to assist, not to direct. Conditioned responses to life will be left behind.  We become inspired to find the right track. A bonus is the understanding that happiness is not a commodity to be purchased or craved from the outside, but is actually something that develops from within. This understanding increases as we become aware of, or are guided by, our own inner knowing-ness. The Soul Journey can be the means whereby we re-connect to something solid and strong; our inner, wise self.

During the guided relaxation, our inner wise self can be met meandering through valleys, rivers and mountains. This is generally  labeled as our imagination, but the experience is very real, none-the-less.  An open mind assists the process. Another Soul Journey may take us to a timeless place or just a feeling of love; in my case, a feeling of being loved. Maybe a familiar figure or sign may appear. Often, a feeling that something has changed is experienced after embarking on a Soul Journey. There is no right way of connecting to our inner knowing-ness. All we have done is re-connect to who we truly are: unique and beautiful souls all working within a collective unconscious that knows no separation.

How we do this, in part, is to put aside our fears, doubts and criticism in order to enable the  journey into our innermost reaches of the self  via the unconscious mind.  Within our unconscious mind, we can access our karmic storehouse of wisdom and past experiences. These inner experiences may have laid dormant over the years. What can be said implicitly is that our soul’s storehouse, the unconscious mind, will only reveal what is needed at this present moment in time.  “The Soul Loves the Truth”, i.e. what is true for the individual self.

On a soul journey, there can be a feeling of timelessness as if everything is happening simultaneously, but still relaxed and focused. We can drift to time gone by or feel a connection to our ancestry: it is a healing and nothing is incorrect on our soul journey; also, nothing is excluded. We can feel a sense of continuity where all time exists at once.

The sense of calm and encouragement a Soul Journey can give is priceless. Soul Coaches trained by Denise Linn have their hearts truly in this work. They have been inspired by their own soul journeys, experienced first hand in Denise Linn’s Soul Coach Training.  Denise gained her experience from her global teachers in the skill of  “remembering who we are”. We are fortunate to have such wisdom passed down from generation to generation

Soul coaching is a global network of dedicated holistic practitioners from all professional backgrounds and nationalities. Denise, with integrity and grace,   spearheads her community of Soul Coaches, training them to assist us in  “remembering who we are”. Her students are blessed with such a source of inspiration: the world truly has a teacher who teaches “How to Live in this World”.


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Your Destiny 

Written and shared by Paula H.

Do you know where you are going in your life? Do you know what your soul purpose is?

Too often nowadays we spend our lives in the fast lane, driving full speed towards a goal or reward. How many times have you said to yourself, “When I lose 10lbs I’ll be happier”, or “When I meet the perfect partner my life will be complete”? It’s time to get off this treadmill and ease yourself into your authentic life. That is what Soul Coaching is all about. Today, right now, in the moment that you read these words, choose to live your own life, a life filled with wonder and joy, gratitude and abundance, grace and power. It’s time to stop waiting and start living!

 Designed by the respected international author and healer, Denise Linn, Soul Coaching is about listening to the whispers of your soul. It is about taking steps to bring your outer life and your inner spiritual life into alignment. A remarkably flexible programme, Soul Coaching can be undertaken as part of a class or on a one-to- one basis. It can also be done on-line; this is particularly useful for people who for time or geographical reasons cannot attend a class. Your Soul Coaching may take several forms, you decide what suits you best.

 “People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves in the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass themselves by without wondering”  Saint Augustine.

 Do you listen to the whispers of your soul?

Do you follow your intuition?

Too often these whispers and promptings are drowned out by the busyness of our everyday lives. When you embark on Soul Coaching you clear away the debris, revealing your true, magical self. This is achieved in two ways, a remarkable 28 step programme, supported and guided by soul journeys.

 The 28 step programme, most usually undertaken in 28 days, uses as its framework the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The focus is on clearing away the various forms of clutter on many levels: mental and emotional, spiritual and physical. Each step along the way you are encouraged to take an honest look at your life, release patterns that no longer serve or empower you and step joyfully and courageously into your future. You have the opportunity with each step to undertake a task that will assist you in this process. In addition to clearing old patterns you are planting the seeds for your future.

 Take for example Day 16 which falls in Fire Week. In this day you are encouraged to ask yourself “How can I experience even more fun and joy today?” It is about finding ways to create fun and joy whatever you are doing. So if you are stuck in traffic or rushing with the kids from one after school activity to another ask yourself that question. Who knows maybe playing some rock music and singing along LOUDLY or taking the time to notice the beauty of the natural world that surrounds you in your car will shift your awareness from a place of stress and negativity to a place of fun and gratitude. It’s your choice what meaning you give to the events in your life. So choose a meaning that empowers and juices you.

This is also a day to step out of your comfort zone. It is what I like to call ‘do something different day’! Experiment. Drive a different route to work. Wear something in a colour that you don’t normally wear. Feel the difference. Surprise yourself! Discovering your authentic self means stepping into the unknown, so break out of the mould you have crafted for yourself and try something new.

During Earth Week we focus on our physical selves. One of the tasks this week is to look at what you are eating and ask the question “Does it cleanse or clog me?” Immediately your body will let you know and your body never lies, it doesn’t know how to.

 The tasks this week also include looking at the way in which you carry your body. Right now ask yourself “What does the manner in which I use my body say about me?” Are you confident, shy, anxious or graceful? Are you stressed, centred, angry or peaceful? What message is your body communicating about you?  Are you happy with this message? If not, change it. You want to be more peaceful then move that way. Your body knows what to do, so allow it. You want to feel less pressure, then consciously move in a calm way. It sounds simple and it is! That is the great thing about Soul Coaching.

 In choosing Soul Coaching you are creating and birthing your future. It is a process of uncovering and rediscovering who you are. It is a path of great wonder and joy. It is also a most sacred path.

This sacred path is, perhaps, best experienced in the second component of Soul Coaching, namely, the Soul Journey. It is during the guided Soul Journey that you experience first hand the depth and power of your truth and wisdom. You are a divine being. You have all the answers that you are looking for. There are times when you may appear to lose connection to this part of yourself. You forget. Soul Coaching is about re-membering who you are; the Soul Journey is about reconnecting to that well of divine wisdom that lies deep within you. I am forever humbled by the majesty and grace that I witness as I guide people on their Soul Journey.

There is no typical Soul Journey, each one is unique. It is always tailored to suit the individual or group involved. People really look forward to this part of the programme. They love it. Finally they have a bit of space in their lives just for them and their whole beings rejoice in this. The Soul Journey may also involve movement, especially if we want to hear the messages our bodies have for us.

My role in this process is to create the space for you on your journey and it is truly a sacred space. Within this space you have the opportunity to listen to the messages from your soul, to help you uncover your truth. After all who knows your truth better than you? I am here because I believe in you and in your dreams.  I know dreams come true and that miracles happen. I know this because I have seen it happen but even more I have experienced it myself.

 Your life is not an accident. By picking up this magazine and reading this article your soul is sending you a message. Perhaps it is time to embark on a journey to your soul. Knowing that every journey begins with a single step, maybe it is time for you to take that first step. Even the tiniest step, the smallest of changes brings about remarkable shifts in a persons way of being. In effecting positive change in your life, you affect the lives of all those with whom you come in contact. And so like ripples in the universe the positive healing energy is spread throughout the world. The result is people who are living their joy, making choices that empower them and moving fearlessly in their futures.

 So it is time to sing your song forth. This is your own unique journey. No one else possesses your remarkable collection of qualities and talents. So do the world, and yourself, a favour, live your best life, live your dreams and live them NOW.

 With over twenty years teaching experience, Paula is Ireland’s only certified Soul Coach and has trained with Denise Linn in California. She is an experienced Feng Shui and Space Clearing practitioner and is deeply involved in the exploration and teaching of Shamanic studies.

 “Paula is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth”

Denise Linn – Founder of the Soul Coaching Institute

 For further information on Soul Coaching classes or to arrange one-to-one sessions please contact Paula at or alternatively 087 2486320

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Living in Alignment with Your Soul


Written and shared by Theresa


In a world that’s pretty much dedicated to the ideas of “getting somewhere”, of  achieving “success”, of making things happen, of striving for some future event, condition, or state of being, Soul Coaching provides a potent and seemingly magical reprieve.  It is in the quiet stillness that is only accessible right here, right now that we each have the amazing capacity to tap into divine wisdom and fulfillment.  I know it sounds clichéd, but such is the tendency of all great and enduring truths.


We are each born into a particular set of circumstances.  These are created within a broader environment of generally accepted assumptions and prevailing beliefs about what is good, what is bad, and what we should want in our lives.  Socialized and conditioned to strive for these things, it almost seems natural to get caught on a treadmill, chasing after standards that were created by no one in particular, yet are accepted by most.


But somewhere inside, at some level of our awareness, lies the knowledge that there is more.  There is the truth of who we are, what we are here to do, and how we are to fulfill our purpose within this intricate web called “life”.   These are your personal truths, held and safeguarded by your soul. Being out of touch with these truths may manifest as restlessness, angst, or general dissatisfaction. Not hearing or heeding the voice and guidance of your soul can further develop into frustration, anger, or dis-ease.  Symptoms may include not enjoying your livelihood, having difficulties with relationships, and feelings of separateness and isolation.  Falling back on clichéd again, being in or out of alignment with personal truths is the reason why the billionaire can be miserable, while the peasant can be perfectly content and at ease.  Being out of touch with your soul and following paths that are not personally meaningful are ways of being that extinguish your passions and drain your life force. (Like George Jetson on his treadmill, your soul cries out “stop this crazy thing”.)


Enter the Soul Coach, who helps you see beyond the façade of conditioned persona to your deep, true self.  Starting where you are, the Soul Coach helps you access your inherent wisdom.  She will guide you to a space where you naturally realize it is safe to venture beyond the boundaries of “should do” into the realm of your truest self.


This process leads to a gentle letting go of that which does not truly serve you.  It

releases vast amounts of energy that can be directed toward your newly realized clarity of direction, purpose, & resolve.


Developed by renowned author and healer, Denise Linn, Soul Coaching is a process of personal transformation based upon the concept that the soul loves the truth.  For more information on how to access comfort, joy, and ease of living in alignment with your soul’s truth, contact (your name) at (yyour contact info) for a free initial consultation.


Because the soul loves the truth.


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Journey to the Centre of the Soul

Written and shared by Judith

by [insert name]

 Do you ever wonder: Who am I? Why am I here? How do I hear the guidance of my soul? Looking for a way to answer these questions? Well, here it is! Soul Coaching takes you on a profound 28 day journey of cleansing and transformation, in your own way and at your own pace. Devised by Denise Linn, internationally renowned healer and author, the program gently guides you to balance and reinvigorate your life. It helps you to clear away mental and emotional debris, and align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.

 Soul Coaching is fundamentally different from other forms of life coaching, in that it is not primarily focused on the attainment of a future goal or desire. Nor is it the same as therapy, which concentrates on healing emotional hurts of the past. The program is firmly grounded in the present

-- in fact it helps you to connect with the eternal "now" moment. It centers you in the Divine flow of the universe and in your soul's own truth.

 The program works by connecting you to the rhythms of Nature and the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. By concentrating on a different element each week, you will progressively undergo a complete detoxification of the soul, until you have cleansed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. As you clear the clutter within you and within your environment, you will open up the channels of communication with your soul so that you can hear the messages from within.

 Once you make a commitment to doing this program, the forces of the universe come together, in some magical way, to aid you in your journey to understand your soul's purpose and to help you create a life that aligns with that purpose. Your life is in your hands -- only you can determine the truth of your soul and give your life meaning and balance. Soul Coaching creates the space in which to hear and understand your soul's voice, and provides a pathway to make a connection with the loving energies that surround and support you.

 Take this journey to the very essence of your being, and I can guarantee that your life will never be the same again!

 Like to know more? [insert details]

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Make A Commitment to Your Soul

 written and shared by Laurie S.

By (INSERT NAME, Professional Soul Coach)

  Most of us are pretty good at keeping our commitments to others—as best we can, of course, given the long to-do lists and crowded schedules so often dictated by modern life.  We usually have good intentions, so when we’re late for an appointment or forget a promise we’ve made, we notice. Have you ever considered, however, how well you are keeping your commitments to yourself? 

  As a Soul Coach (a relatively new professional field based on a powerful 28-day transformational program founded by internationally-renown author and healer Denise Linn), I encourage my clients to commit to doing something for themselves—something they really want to do—and make it stick.  I ask them to choose what I call a commitment to their soul—something that really matters to them personally, a simple task calling to them from within. 

  A commitment to one’s soul is often aligned with a person’s higher path, a journey their soul is calling them to follow.  For example one of my clients said, “Each time I get an intuitive hit, I’m going to honor it.”  A soul commitment is also very specific.  For example, my client Kate chose to commit to drinking eight glasses of water a day.  

  Perhaps most importantly, I encourage clients to make a commitment that is reachable—something they can easily keep, no matter what.  For example, one of my clients decided that each morning, he was simply going to take a deep breath and stretch before getting out of bed. (KEEP AS IS OR ADD YOUR OWN STORIES TO SENTENCES IN RED.)

  Regardless of what you choose, making and keeping commitments to yourself can change your life.  Here’s how. 

  The very act of keeping your personal commitments to yourself can:


  1. Increase your self-esteem: When we respect ourselves enough to do something we really want to do, we are giving ourselves the all-important message that we matter.


  1. Boost your energy: All the undone things in our lives have a tendency to drain us.  When we accomplish something we promised ourselves we would, it frees up energy so we can do more!


  1. Awaken your sense of purpose: Clients often come to me looking for help discovering what they’re “here to do.” The more we honor our inner truth in seemingly small, tangible ways, the more easily we discover what else our souls want us to do! 


Now the fun starts—what commitment do you want to make? As I often tell my clients, “Start small and take it from there!  Then watch the magic in your life unfold.”


For more information on how to discover what your soul is saying and Soul Coaching, check out my website at (INSERT WEBSITE) and the book Soul Coaching (Hay House, 2003) by Denise Linn, or call my office at (INSERT PHONE) for a free initial consultation.


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With love and gratitude,
Sonja S.


Take a 28 day journey with the guidance of a soul coach and you will learn to listen to your soul and find meaning and purpose in your everyday life.

It is an inner quest of phenomenal spiritual cleansing, releasing of old patterns, clearing blockages, dissolving negative beliefs developing your intuition and discovering your passion. Learning to listen to your soul and taking a closer look at yourself and your life will bring renewal and transformation.

Developed by renowned author and healer, Denise Linn, this program allows you to truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul and to uncover your authentic self.  Love, inner peace and joy will radiate from you out to others and the universe.

Through this journey you will be able to design a life plan that supports and empowers the needs of your soul.  Once you commit to this program life unfolds in a harmonious magical way.


For a journey to remember contact……..



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