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Welcome to the YOUR section of  the site. While we are not password protected  we may add this feature at some point.

I'm excited about this section of the site as a reference point for Soul Coaching® Practitioners. Remember, in addition to the great information in your Soul Coaching® manual,  you also have the valuable tool of the yahoo e-group, and being able to read through the yahoo e-group archives for information as well.

This is an important time in the world for Soul Coaching Practitioners. It seems like people need this connection to their soul, their inner joy and living their soul's truth even more than ever. Please be sure to read the Welcome from Denise for more information!

In 2017 we have created  a DROPBOX file where you can locate all the wonderful goodies and programs that Soul Coaching Practitioners can use. This includes all FOUR programs that SCP can offer ( the original 28 days, the Secret messages of the Body, the 'Surviving and Thriving' Program for women at risk, and the new Letting it Go program). Also included are more images cards, daily meditation and new SCP logos for use in your marketing and programs. We also have included the Soul Coaching collage booklet and some forms for your use in your business.

You can download the information to your computer:

CLICK HERE FOR DROPBOX LINK  is a great way to advertise your business, and on these special Soul Coaching only pages, you can find great ideas to take your soul coaching business even further. I encourage you, if you are serious about Soul Coaching as a part time or full time endeavor, that you spend $5 a month on your business by having a Feature Practitioner listing. CLICK HERE for details!

I wish you well on your Soul Coaching® business!


LuAnn CIbik 

Wisdom Council Member LuAnn Cibik



To become a Featured Coach for as little as $120 a year for a 2 year listing



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